His players are already dreaming of the final, but Karel Geraerts remains calm with Union: “What can come next is of a different caliber”

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And whether Karel Geraerts was “proud and proud” after the 3-0 against Union Berlin. The coach of Union SG referred to Union’s tough track since promotion: “Two years ago we were still in the second division, now we are in the quarter finals of the Europa League.”

Pieter-Jan Calcoen

Can you describe your feeling?

“There is pride. I am not only proud of the team, but also of the club. This is a big step for Union. My players have shown a lot of maturity. You felt that Union Berlin was waiting for a mistake to counterattack, but we made the right choices and executed the plan perfectly.”

Even though many were good, what did you think of Boniface?

“As you say it yourself: I have seen many players act at a good to very good level. If you want to deliver such a performance, everyone has to get at least a seven out of ten, that was the case. To return to your question: Boni was good, very good in fact.”

Is this a historic evening?

“I think so, especially when you see where we come from. Two years ago we played second division matches in the far corners of Belgium, now we have eliminated a top club from Germany in an impressive way. And that with many guys who were already there in 1B. They come from afar, have gradually raised their level. That is only possible if you have quality.”

Which team would you like to draw now?

“There are only big names left. We have to be realistic: what’s coming next is of a different caliber, like Manchester United. It would be nice to finish the return for our own fans again.”

How much would you like to be between the lines?

“That would be great. As a player I have never experienced this, but again: all credits to the players. They played good football and were strong in their heads.”

Boniface dreams of a final. What’s your answer to that?

(laughs)Take it easy. I don’t want to puncture anyone’s dreams, but we shouldn’t get euphoric, just like we shouldn’t start doubting. We have to work hard and keep our feet on the ground. I am going to give a boring answer: KV Mechelen will follow again on Sunday.”


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