Radja Nainggolan responds to statements made by former Roma boss: “Eight shots the night before the match? I can even drink twenty and play moderately”

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Radja Nainggolan has made himself heard again. In an interview with the Italian Corriere, Il Ninja spoke out about the comments of Walter Sabatini, former boss of AS Roma. He talked about Nainggolan’s bizarre habits, our compatriot responded. “As a boy I suffered a lot. I chose to be happy now.”

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In a candid interview with Corriere della Sera, 34-year-old Nainggolan, currently active at second division club SPAL, responded to the comments about his bizarre habits and lifestyle. They came from Walter Sabatini, the former boss of AS Roma who had Nainggolan under his wing at the time. “As a boy I suffered a lot, I come from a poor family and I had to sacrifice a lot to become a professional football player,” says Nainggolan about his lifestyle. “Nature has given me a body that is unaffected by the nonsense I have spouted. I chose to be happy,” explains the former Red Devil.

Sabatini portrayed his former poulain as unprofessional. He stated that Nainggolan can drink eight shots in one night. “For Radja, life is a game. But he also has good sides. He is very outgoing and his teammates should have kept a closer eye on him instead of letting him do what he wanted.” Nainggolan responded to Corriere as follows: “I called up my friend Walter and told him that eight drinks isn’t much. I can also consume twenty, but then I will be playing moderately the next day.”

Nainggolan also came back to Corriere on his painful farewell at Antwerp. — © Isosport

Il Ninja also came back to the painful farewell at Antwerp. “I was indeed wrong by smoking an electronic cigarette on the couch, but people make mistakes. How they treated me, like a parasite, that’s not possible. I cannot forgive them.”

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