Mbaye Leye invited CEO and main shareholder at Zulte Waregem for a group discussion with his players: “Looking for a shock effect”

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Six games left, eighteen points to win. Zulte Waregem continues to hope for a small miracle to avoid the impending relegation. Sometimes principles have to be broken for this. As a result, CEO Cordier and main shareholder Beeuwsaert came by this morning to speak to the players: “I pushed Eddy to do this. It should not always be the same person who says certain things.”

Stefan Smet

“It was indeed true: we were mentally broken in Leuven during the third quarter”, Mbaye Leye acknowledged the impression that lived with many observers. “That is not an impression but a reality. You have to reverse that problem by taking fewer risks, which were not requested either. We have shape in the front with Gano and also the speed of Fadera, the guys to play under the pressure. So there is absolutely no need to take risks in the back.”

Those wrong tactical choices therefore broke Essevee sour in Leuven: “We therefore had a group discussion this morning and everyone has spoken out about the tactical and mental aspect”, Leye unpacked with a striking piece of news. “Note, we are not going to change everything, but we also see that we make too many technical mistakes. We also have to bring more mentally.”

“Eddy and Tony also spoke to the players. It was a good and enlightening conversation. They have made it clear that the club has invested heavily, but now we also want to see results so that we can ensure retention. We’re in the same boat. I pushed Eddy to do this”, Leye said. After all, it is anything but CEO Eddy Cordier’s habit to show up in the dressing room.

Again, Cordier and Beeuwsaert deliberately opted for a different setting: “We were in the briefing room together, but it should not always be the same person who says certain things. We discussed this among ourselves on Tuesday and then agreed. It is my job – as a sports officer – to analyze that situation. We are looking for a shock effect and do not want a revolution now, but the most important thing is that we find solutions to our problems so that we get a déclic and see our players take steps.”


“We have made it clear that what they are doing now is not enough. The psychological aspect now takes precedence. We must form one front. I’m not afraid of that. Players blaming each other happens when your team isn’t structured or doesn’t have the same mindset. When you look for those responsible, you notice that everyone has made mistakes at some point. It is my job not to find individual culprits, but to provide solutions. A goalkeeper who makes a mistake stands out. If my strikers miss an opportunity, it is less talked about.”

More than ever: all hope for Vormer

For example, the hope of opinion Essevee fan rests more than ever on the battered shoulder(s) of Ruud Vormer: “Ruud can already train all exercises without contacts. In the meantime, Tambedou started running training. Hopefully Ruud can play against Antwerp, maybe Tambedou will be able to play for half an hour then”, Leye looked ahead. “Physically, Ruud is ok, but it is now especially important that he learns to play football with a plate in his shoulder.”

“His presence can be very important for the team. He might be able to return after the international break, which could become really essential for our team. If we can play the last four matches with him, that’s really interesting because then it’s real money time. You can’t keep counting on the other teams, you just have to look at yourself. The finish line is approaching but we still have a mathematical chance of keeping it. We must give everything. We were first with three teams for one place to drop, now with Ostend that returned, you again have four teams for two relegation places.”


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