Radja Nainggolan banned from driving for nine months

The police court has sentenced ex-Antwerp player Radja Nainggolan to a nine-month driving ban because he was caught behind the wheel while he still had to take recovery exams after a previous conviction.

Nainggolan was checked in October last year at the Slachthuislaan in Antwerp because he was using his mobile phone behind the wheel of his car. During the check it turned out that the then Antwerp player was not allowed to drive at all.

The police court had previously banned him from driving and required him to retake his tests. The term of the driving ban had expired, but Radja had not yet taken the tests. “In his psyche, the decline to steering had ended,” his lawyer Omar Souidi pleaded in the police court on Tuesday.

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The judge ruled that Nainggolan, who now lives and plays football in Italy, was in an aggravated state due to his previous conviction. The professional footballer was banned from driving for nine months and fined 4,000 euros for driving without taking the recovery exams. He was sentenced to an eight-day driving ban and a fine of 240 euros for using his mobile phone behind the wheel.

The driving bans only apply in Belgium, in Italy Nainggolan is allowed to drive.


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