Conmebol sets Maracanã as the stadium for the 2023 Copa Libertadores final

Conmebol Emblem | Photo: Disclosure

This Wednesday (08), Conmebol defined where the Libertadores and Sudamericana finals will be played in 2023

The big Libertadores decision in 2023 will be played once again at Maracanã. The final of the Copa Sudamericana will be in Uruguay.

The CBF presented Brazilian candidacies to host the finals of both competitions. Regarding the Libertadores, factors such as the last three finals having been played between Brazilian teams motivated the entity: Flamengo x Athletico in 2022, Palmeiras x Flamengo in 2021, Santos x Palmeiras in 2020.

In the two most recent ones (in Guayaquil-2022 and Montevideo-2020) it was difficult for Brazilian fans to travel. The previous one, which was at Maracanã (2020 edition, played in January 2021), had to be without an audience because of Covid.

In the case of the Copa Sudamericana, Brazil was considered a natural destination for this year’s final, since last year’s decision was scheduled for Brasilia and ended up being transferred to Córdoba, Argentina, because of the proximity to the general elections in Brazil.

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