IT’S ALSO FUN IN PROVINCIAL. The Billing effect, doing a Van Dammetje and no VAR, but party

1. 24th game is too much for Wijgmaal

“We should set up a series.” It is a statement that players and trainers like to have recorded. Did they do the same in Wijgmaal before the season? In any case: they had understood that message correctly. But all good songs eventually come to an end and after 23 matches without a defeat – a record in Flanders! – Olympia’s B-squad went down for the first time this season on Sunday. Leader Wijgmaal lost the top game at home with 0-1 against KFC Werchter. As a result, the men of coach Kristof Van Craen have been kept up since this weekend by Houthalen, Temse, Kuurne and Evergem, who can now tighten up their series of unbeaten matches.

2. Jealous of amateur football, Hein?

“Down with the VAR!” After the many discussions of the last few weeks – isn’t it, Hein? -, there are more and people arguing for a return to the pre-VAR period. Well, that period exists and is called: amateur football. In provincial football, the referee still decides alone, nowadays even more often without assistants. And in Flemish Brabant, this happened more than elegantly last weekend. For example, the refs whistled no fewer than 33 penalties and nine players had to leave the field with a direct red card. Long live amateur football! Not a little bit jealous, Hein?

3. The Brabant Billing effect


“Be sharp from the first minute!” Another one in the list of football clichés. Only the coach can emphasize it so much, the fact is that goals often fall in the initial phase. Leandro Trossard, for example, was a victim with Arsenal last weekend. The Red Devil saw Bournemouth player Phillip Billing strike after just nine seconds. The Gunners eventually put things in order, with a world goal in the 98th minute. In Flemish Brabant there were apparently eighteen players last weekend who went to Trossard and co. have looked. Eighteen goals were scored on our fields in the first five minutes of a match. In the first ten minutes we even scored 41 goals. The best students in the class? Dylan Mannaerts van Meerbeek, Arice Wouanssi Tiako van Aarschot and Mike Speliers van Tollembeek. They also all hit in the first minute. It’s called the Billing effect, right?

4. Do a Joachim Van Dam


One of Biling’s admirers was Ainsley Mariën van Sterrebeek. Mariën also struck against Kapelle-op-den-Bos on Saturday evening in the fifth minute, but still wanted to make it to this class and thought: I might also do a Joachim Van Dammetje. The Beveren player came in against RWDM on Saturday, but was allowed to shower again after 103 seconds with a red card. Mariën took a little more time, perhaps to celebrate his goal, and then decided to be sent off with a straight red card three minutes after his goal. That’s called short and sweet, sure…

5. Wonderful Haacht weekend

Will there finally be a separation in third provincial C? Kris Bulcke’s Sparta Haacht Statie certainly did golden business last weekend. The leader easily won 6-0 against Betekom at home and saw the main title competitors all go under. Tremelo (8-4 in Moorsel), Tildonk (6-1 at Berg Op) and to a lesser extent Vossem, which lost 2-1 at Bierbeek B, so that the B team now takes second place. Still, the battle is not over yet, because next Sunday there will be the always loaded derby Tremelo against Haacht Statie.

6. Spectacle, spectacle and more spectacle

Spectacle, spectacle and another spectacle on our fields last weekend. For example, Averbode-Okselaar and Haasrode gave the spectators their money’s worth with a 4-4 draw. Also in Moorsel – Tremelo in third C, the spectators were spoiled with an 8-4 final result. Three players managed to shake the nets five times. They were Dries Vanwelde from KVK Tienen B, Toon Matthys van Langdorp and Mats Mignon from Galmaarden B. They obviously did a golden job in our top scorers stand.

7. The best target shooter in Flemish Brabant

With his five goals against Deurne, Matthys even made a shot to take over the lead in the ranking of best Flemish-Brabant goal getter, but Ibrahim Bounekoub of FFF Brussels couldn’t just let that happen. Bounekoub himself scored three times against Pirate Leuven and remains the leader.

37 goals: Ibrahim Bounekoub (FFF Brussels, 4th provincial D)

35 goals: Toon Matthys (Langdorp, 4th provincial E)

34 goals: Alexander Bonomi (Neerwinden, 4th provincial F) and Nicolas Lentini (Vissenaken, 3rd provincial D)

33 goals: Enzo Roosen (HO Veltem B, 4de provinciale D)

27 goals: Ilias El Attabi (Tremelo, 3rd provincial C), Tuur Minner (Liedekerke B, 4th provincial B) and Wouter Keulemans (KFC Eppegem B, 4th provincial C)

26 goals: Dries Vanwelde (KVK Tienen B, 3rd provincial D) and Rob Mertens (Tielt-Winge, 3rd provincial D)

25 goals: Niels Delaforterie (SC Keerbergen, 4th provincial C)

24 goals: Robbe Iwens (Merchtem United, 4th provincial B)

23 goals: Maxwell Opara (Orsmaal, 4th provincial F), Jordi De Cat (SC Keerbergen, 4th provincial C), Dilhan Taç (Woluwe-Zaventem B, 4th provincial D), Robin Hambrouck (Sp. Rotselaar, 2nd provincial B) and Andrew Dejaeger ( Geetbets, 3rd provincial D)

22 goals: Killian Vandamme (Great Dilbeek B, 4th provincial A)

21 goals: Arne De Vroede (Tollembeek, 4th provincial A), Leslie Herinckx (Zoutleeuw, 4th provincial F), Lars Godart (Kester-Gooik, 2nd provincial A) and Bram Bert (Boskant Peizegem, 4th provincial B)

20 goals: Lander Oorts (Bertem-Leefdaal B, 4th provincial D), Corentin Gabrielli (Eur. 90 Kraainem, 2nd provincial A) and Michael Van Praet (Vilvoorde City, 4th provincial C)

19 goals: Manossa Diouck (Langdorp, 4th provincial E), Thomas Onkelinx (Binkom, 3rd provincial D), Simon Smeets (Tielt-Winge, 3rd provincial D), Steve Klompkes (Vissenaken, 3rd provincial D), Robby Vanhaemel (Boskant Peizegem, 4th provincial B), Davy Van Gestel (Zichem, 3rd provincial D), Carlos Peeters (Erps-Kwerps, 4th provincial D)

18 goals: Arne Vanderlinden (FC Moorsel, 3rd provincial C), Dietmar Conard (Atlas Linter, 4th provincial F), Jelne Landerloo (Leeuw Brucom B, 4th provincial A), Thomas Onkelinx (Binkom, 3rd provincial D) , Manossa (Merchtem United, 4th provincial B), Ruben Michiels (Dwerp, 4th provincial A), Bram Du Mong (Sp. Kortenberg, 3rd provincial B) and Brett Pauly (Averbode-Okselaar, 2nd provincial B)

8. Looking forward to next week…

Basement cracker alarm in the first provincial! KCVV Elewijt will receive HO Veltem on Sunday in an important six-point game for retention. In 2B, Rotselaar has to go to Haasrode, which knocked Averbode-Okselaar off its throne last weekend. In 3C leader Sparta Haacht Statie has to stay upright in the dangerous derby in Tremelo and in 4A there is the topper for first place between Beersel-Drogenbos B and Vlessenbeek. The same bet is at stake in 4B between Mazenzele-Opwijk B and Boskant Peizegem.

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