Anton Tanghe is wary of a trip to Eupen: “Possibly more treacherous than a match against Club Brugge”

Anton Tanghe could finally cheer again. “But if we lose in Eupen, those points against Club are worth nothing.” — © BELGIUM

It had to happen sometime: a victory. Anton Tanghe embraced his teammates after the game, because the victory against Club is a lifeline for KV Oostende. Now we have to watch out for decay: if that performance is not followed up against Eupen, KVO is still nowhere. “We still have to play six finals,” said Tanghe.

Junior Verbeeke

It was an old-fashioned party in the Diaz Arena. They flew into each other’s arms, danced with the supporters and celebrated the victory as if they had already won. “It had been a while since we had won”, Anton Tanghe still beams. He had double reason to cheer: after a few weeks on the bench, he was allowed to start again between the two Croats. And whether the victory against his ex-team tasted sweet.

“It was also a good thing, wasn’t it? Why did it only come out now? Circumstances. Bad luck. We took a point a few times, but that doesn’t get you ahead. That’s why this victory is so gratifying. This is for all Ostend residents, such a victory against Club gives the citizen courage.” (laughs) Tanghe never dared to dream that it was precisely against Club. “Hope so, yes. And of course the faith was there for the match. The spirit was good and it showed on the pitch. Club is in a slump, just like we experienced it.”

But a few days later, Tanghe and co. come off their pink cloud again: conservation is still going to be a hell of a job. “The match in Eupen might be even more treacherous than the one against Club”, Tanghe knows. “Blue-black had to make the game against us, while we might get the ball more in the East Cantons and have to look for openings. We’ll have to look at how best to do that. It is not because we won against Club that we are already there. There should be no more decline, because the margin is thin.”


Panda’s bijhalen

And that is why the trip to Eupen must yield a new three-pointer. “If we don’t win or even lose there, our three points against Club Brugge were worth nothing,” says Tanghe. KVO is now next to Zulte Waregem in the standings, but Eupen and Kortrijk still have a lead. But if KVO wins on Eupen, the Kustboys will catch up with the Pandas.

However, Tanghe does not want to speculate. “Of course we depend a bit on the situation of our competitors. If they take points every week, it will be difficult. But we have to make sure that we win our own matches first. Because otherwise there is no point in looking at the competition,” he says. The puzzle pieces finally fell together for KV Oostende. Still, the victory against Club should not be a one-hit wonder. “We still have six finals ahead of us”, Tanghe puts it perfectly. “And we will have to try to win every match. Starting with Saturday.”


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