BetFirst BNXT League-Elite Gold & Silver: does Limburg United stop winning streak of Heroes Den Bosch?

Maxime De Zeeuw tonight with Limburg United against Heroes Den Bosch. — © Serge Minten

Saturday in Leuven a “Mechelse” clash between coaches Paul Vervaeck (photo) and Eddy Casteels. — © GOYVAERTS/GMAX AGENCY

thumbnail: Maxime De Zeeuw tonight with Limburg United against Heroes Den Bosch.
thumbnail: Saturday in Leuven a “Mechelen” clash between coaches Paul Vervaeck (photo) and Eddy Casteels.

After the national regular phase in Belgium and the Netherlands, the cross-border phase of the BetFirst BNXT League with Elite Gold (top 5) and Elite Silver (last 5) kicks off tonight. In Elite Gold, there are already two top players on the program tonight with Limburg United-Heroes Den Bosch and Antwerp Giants-Groningen.

Patrick Ceulemans

Limburg United United will receive Heroes Den Bosch tonight (20:30 Alverberg, directly on Play and Pickx Sports). The Dutch dominated the regular national campaign and recorded an 18 out of 18. Except for Quentin Serron, coach Raymond Westphalen of Limburg United has all players again for the first time in a long time. Let’s see if the first cross-border match brings a first defeat for Heroes Den Bosch. Antwerp Giants finished the national phase in second place and receives Groningen, which finished in fifth place in the Netherlands. The Sinjoren, who lost four times to Groningen last season, are looking for revenge in the Lotto Arena.

Comeback of Djordjevic and debut of Jovanovic at Ostend

On Saturday (8:30 pm, COREtec Dôme) the Belgian leader will receive Ostend, again with Dusan Djordjevic and Tre’Shawn Thurman and the new Serbian center Nikola Jovanic (2m11), Aris Leeuwarden. For Dusan Djordjevic, who can blow out forty candles this month, it will be his “Last Dance”. The Serbian guard has eleven consecutive titles with the coastal team with coach Dario Gjergja and wants to say goodbye with the double (title/cup). “In October I fell out with a foot sole injury. After a long rehabilitation, I am ready for my last months as a player,” said Dusan Djordjevic. Kangoeroes Mechelen will compete against ZZ Leiden in its own Winketkaai (Saturday 8:30 PM) and Charleroi in the Dôme versus Landstede Hammers Zwolle.

Dusan Djordjevic (left) celebrates his comeback at Ostend on Saturday. Thurman also makes his return and Jovanovic his debut. — © RUDY DECLERCK

Eddie Casteel vs. Paul Vervaeck

Elite Silver brings on Saturday (8.30 pm, Sportoase Leuven) the interesting line-up between the Leuven Bears of coach Eddy Casteels against the Yoast United Nijmegen of the Belgian coach Paul Vervaeck. Elite Gold and Silver bring ten cross-border matches against the top-5 and the last five from the Netherlands. The points from the Belgian phase were halved. The top two per country in Elite Gold are directly qualified for the semi-finals of the Belgian play-offs. The numbers three, four and five and the best team (number 6) from Elite Silver complete the first round of the Belgian play-offs.

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