Berre Peters and Haasrode-Leuven are eagerly awaiting the start of the Champion Play-off against Maaseik: “They will have to take us into account”

Volleyball Lotto Volley League Maaseik – Haasrode Leuven

Berre Peters: “Our goal is to finish in third or fourth place.” — © Geert Tresignie


The competitions of truth are coming and Haasrode Leuven can immediately prepare itself for an extremely difficult assignment. The move on Saturday to an increasingly stronger Maaseik is of course not a gift, but that way the people of Leuven know how their current level is.

Kenny Hennes

Done playing, now it’s all about the marbles. For the past two weeks, everyone at VHL has been pointing in the same direction, because both the technical staff and the players want to show what they are really worth after last season’s debacle and missing out on a European ticket. And for that, a mini-competition with the best six teams in the country is of course ideal.

Physically and mentally ready

“Finally we are ready”, says Berre Peters. “We have trained hard over the past two weeks to be physically and mentally ready for these top competitions. Because some basic players stayed on the bench against Maaseik and there was no competition last weekend, everyone got the chance to get rid of all those minor ailments. For example, my knee no longer bothers me. And in the meantime, our appetite has only increased.”

But what about the match rhythm? Throughout the season, experienced players such as Hendrik Tuerlinckx and Matthias Valkiers indicated several times that this was sometimes problematic. Finding a sparring partner at this stage of the season is not an easy task either.

“We practiced against Warworm this week, but that was not a measure of value. Without pushing the accelerator, we won 5-0. Anyway, we played together again and that gives a different feeling anyway than just training ”, said the sharp reception corner player.

It is clear that the people of Leuven yearn for a game with commitment. In any case, they will be able to rub their hands with the trip to Maaseik. The form curve of the Limburg record champion is seriously rising. Just look at the quarter finals of the CEV Cup where they made it quite difficult for Roeselare after a 3-0 pandering, but eventually went down after the golden set.

Peters: “Comparing Maaseik at the start of the season with now is no longer valid. They’ve gotten a lot better and I think the return of libero Martin Perin definitely has something to do with that. They are in a positive flow and have become much more stable. Roeselare will certainly have to take them into account.”

“What about our ambitions? Our goal is to finish third or fourth, because that is still the fastest way to Europe. A possible final in the play-offs? Everyone dreams of that, of course, but let’s work towards it step by step. One thing is certain: they will have to take us into account”, concludes Peters.

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