LIVE Football: where to watch São Caetano x Taubaté for the Paulista A2 Championship

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São Caetano x Taubaté enter the field for the Paulista A2 Championship, at EEstádio Anacleto Campanella, at 20:00, this Wednesday (March 1st).

So, find out how to watch the game live, on TV, online and on which channel it will be shown. Also, check the time and location.

The Copa do Brasil is in the first phase, where the teams face each other in a single match. The visitors have the advantage of a draw.

Where to watch São Caetano vs Taubaté live?

In short, the duel will be broadcast on YouTube (Futebol Paulista), on the internet. Therefore, the game will not be shown on open TV.

CompetitionPaulista Championship A2
DataWednesday 01 Mar 2023
Time20:00 (from Brasilia)
LocalAnacleto Campanella Stadium
where to watchYouTube (Football Paulista)

Streaming from São Caetano vs Taubaté

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