Arsenal fan all his life, but David is buried in a Chelsea shirt through the fault of his girlfriend: “But it was a shirt with the same sponsor”

It can happen to you: passionate support for a club all your life, but being buried in the rival’s shirt. It happened to David Daley. The culprit was his girlfriend. She decided to choose the least worn shirt in his wardrobe as his last outfit, but didn’t question why he wore it so little.

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Arsenal fan David Daley wanted to be buried in the shirt of his favorite club, but he was mistakenly given the shirt of city rivals Chelsea.

It was up to his girlfriend to choose the shirt and she chose the least worn shirt from his wardrobe.

Someone must have given it to him as a joke and David’s girlfriend didn’t stop to think why her boyfriend never wore it.

His niece Linda Daley, a journalist for the Irish Sunday Times, told the story on Twitter.

“In my defence, it was a Chelsea away shirt from 2003 when Emirates was Chelsea’s sponsor, as Arsenal are now,” she wrote.

“When the priest came in and asked in confusion ‘wasn’t he an Arsenal fan?’ we all laughed. Poor David, he will turn in his grave.”

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