Antwerp passes Eupen without any effort and continues to put pressure on leader Genk

Antwerp passes Eupen without any effort and continues to put leader Genk under pressure

Antwerp did not have the slightest difficulty with Eupen (2-0) and is thus again two points ahead of leader Genk. Yet there was also a downside: defenders Alderweireld and De Laet got yellow and are thus suspended for the next match day(s).

It seemed to be a sluggish first half at De Bosuil, but with the half-time signal approaching, there was some excitement. After a good combination in the sixteen, Kerk had to push in the 1-0. Eupen defender Bessile saw the danger and wrongly unbalanced Kerk – no chance. Only after intervention by the VAR did the ball hit the spot and Bessile got red. Because Janssen didn’t miss from eleven meters, the match was immediately in a decisive fold: no way that a meticulous Antwerp would still hand this over.

Anyway, you know how it goes: a goal against can always fall. So the Great Old did well to extend the lead to 2-0, and so did the home team. Just before half time, Ekkelenkamp provided that reassuring 2-0 bonus.

It must have been good for Ekkelenkamp to score again. In recent weeks he has occasionally received some – albeit mild – criticism because he was not decisive too often, but he succeeded against Eupen. It was his second goal of the competition. Apart from that goal, Ekkelenkamp was also good.

We can be brief about the second half: little to nothing happened. It was no longer necessary for Antwerp – of course there were still some chances – Eupen could not provide a minimum of tension.

A little closer to Genk again

Due to the easy victory, Antwerp is ten points behind leader Genk – in the play-offs that will be five. It also puts pressure on number two Union, which will play against Standard later tonight.

Despite that 2-0, it was not a perfect afternoon for RAFC. Bataille remained in the dressing room at the break as a precaution. Fellow defenders De Laet and Alderweireld, on the other hand, took their tenth and fifth yellow card, so that the two will not be there against OHL. De Laet also misses the match against KV Mechelen. So it will be puzzling again for Mark van Bommel, who has to replace two or in the worst case even three basic players in the back. It goes without saying that this will not be evidence.


Antwerp passes Eupen without any effort and continues to put pressure on leader Genk


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