No matches behind closed doors for Beerschot after aggressive behavior of fans at Freethiel, a fine of 10,000 euros

Some of the seats that were destroyed by Beerschot fans. — © BELGIUM

The Disciplinary Committee for Professional Football (DCP) imposed a fine of 10,000 euros on Tuesday evening on Beerschot for aggressive behavior by its supporters. They had broken down chairs on January 22 in the top match against SK Beveren (2-0 defeat) and confronted the home supporters. The DCP did praise the intervention of Beerschot’s safety officer.


Throughout the game at the Freethiel, the Beerschot supporters had already thrown a few cups on the field. After the 2-0 in the 95th minute, the supporters groups first sang back and forth, after which the Beerschot fans started to break down chairs and threw them on the field. They then charged, past their own stewards, the neutral zone that had been established between them and the Beverse supporters with an extra ribbon.

Tempers could only calm down after three minutes and interventions by the referee and Beerschot players. The last thirty seconds of the game were played without any problems.

Beerschot defended itself for the DCP, without denying it. According to the Antwerp club, there was provocation by the home supporters and the number of seats thrown according to the Bondsparket (84) is also exaggerated. There would also be no question of demolition, the chairs were already loose, according to Beerschot. The club hoped for a lenient sentence.

The DCP stated that Beerschot has often encountered a sanction, eight times since the beginning of 2022. Due to the riots on the Union field at the end of last season, three matches without supporters are conditionally hanging over the Kiel head. The Committee decided not to make it effective, and Beerschot owes that to its safety officer. He would have prevented worse during the heated situation due to his firm intervention and knowledge of his supporters.

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