UEFA is primarily responsible for chaos at the Champions League final in Paris: “Almost led to a fatal catastrophe”


The chaos with supporters in the run-up to last May’s Champions League final at the Stade de France in Paris is primarily the fault of the European Football Association. This is the opinion of an independent group of experts who have investigated the incidents on behalf of UEFA.


“The group came to the conclusion that UEFA bears primary responsibility for the mistakes, which almost led to a fatal catastrophe,” say the researchers, who denounce, among other things, the use of tear gas and pepper spray by the police. “There is no room for that in a football party,” it sounds.

The report also points the finger at the French Football Federation and the police services, but UEFA is particularly targeted. “UEFA played a central role in the organization of the event and should have supervised and contributed to the security measures,” it read.


In the run-up to the final between England’s Liverpool and Spain’s Real Madrid, thousands of Reds supporters were trapped in front of the stadium because a large number of counterfeit tickets had been offered on the market. The fans became blocked at the revolving entrance gates, causing further congestion. Some fans tried to crawl over closed stadium gates and fences and the police used tear gas, among other things. Dozens of arrests were also made.

The kick-off of the final was postponed to get as many fans as possible with a ticket. Real eventually won the game 0-1 thanks to a goal from Vinicius and a very strong Thibaut Courtois in goal.

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