Police arrest footballer Mohamed Ihattaren on suspicion of assaulting ex-girlfriend and search his home


The Utrecht police do not want to confirm that Ihattaren has been arrested. They do state that a 21-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of a relational affair. “He has been questioned and is in custody,” said a police spokeswoman.

Gerda Frankenhuis

The police raided his home on Haarzichtlaan in Vleuten on Monday morning. Funnily enough, there is now a placard in front of the door that the resident can pick up his house key at a police station in Utrecht.

In September last year, he got engaged to TikTok star Yasmine. On Instagram, the couple shared a photo in which the influencer showed her ring. Whether they were engaged or even married is unclear. However, six weeks after the romantic post, the couple turned out to be separated again.


It is the second time in a short time that the talented footballer has been handcuffed. In November he was arrested on suspicion of involvement in a threat. He was then arrested in a house in Utrecht, where he was staying at the time.

His lawyer said at the time that the footballer would return to his Italian club Juventus as soon as possible to resume training there. Ajax rented Ihattaren from the club in Turin. The team from Amsterdam decided not to take over the left leg permanently from the Oude Dame.

Promising football talent

The second arrest of the once very promising football talent, who came to Amsterdam from Turin on his day off at Juventus, is another low point in his career. As a young player, Ihattaren made a big impression at PSV, but after the death of his father, he developed mental problems and came into conflict with the former coach of PSV, Roger Schmidt.

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