It certainly stormed at PSG, but Neymar laughs away criticism: “It’s like the relationship with my girlfriend”

Star player Neymar wants to focus on CL match against Bayern Munich. — © EPA-EFE

The dark clouds remain over Paris in the run-up to the Champions League clash against Bayern Munich. PSG star player Neymar again caused unrest in the French capital last weekend: “Football is not all love and only friendship.”

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On Saturday, Paris Saint-Germain lost the away game against Philippe Clement’s team, AS Monaco. Earlier that week, Olympique Marseille eliminated the Paris star team in the French cup tournament. Due to two defeats in a row and also the headaches surrounding the injuries of Kylian Mbappé and Lionel Messi, emotions ran high on Saturday and the game boiled over.


Neymar openly scolded teammates Hugo Ekitiké and Vitinha on the field and things were not calm after the game either. According to L’Equipe, a fierce discussion ensued in the dressing room between technical director Luis Campos and Neymar, which also involved captain Marquinhos. He accused the group of players of a lack of aggressiveness.

Last weekend, AS Monaco won 3-1 against PSG. — © REUTERS

A day later, Neymar attended a press conference to look ahead to Tuesday’s match against Bayern Munich. When asked about the alleged conflict, he confirmed. “Something happened, yes,” said Neymar. “A little discussion, we disagreed. That happens almost every day, but I love everyone at the club. It’s like the relationship with my girlfriend. Football is not all love and only friendship.”

CL clash tegen Bayern Munich

Neymar would like to brush off the incident as quickly as possible and focus on Tuesday’s game. According to him, the unrest that has been strong in the PSG team since the World Cup will not affect their performance against Bayern. “I have a lot of confidence for the game against Bayern. Since I have been in Europe I have always been at the top and I know my qualities. We have a great team and are able to put something nice on Tuesday.”

Paris can breathe a sigh of relief: Messi (left) and Mbappé (right) in match selection against Bayern. — © REUTERS

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The injuries of Mbappé and Messi, the tastemakers of the World Cup, also seem to have been resolved. Although it is doubted whether both will play a major role in the first leg of the eighth final of the Champions League. “He told me he felt good, so that’s a good sign,” said Neymar. “Kylian is an extremely important and a great player. When there are three of us (Lionel Messi is also there, ed.) We feel very strong. I hope he can play on Tuesday.”

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