Hommeles at Standard: former CEO Alexandre Grosjean is taking the club to court

© Dick Demey

Former Standard CEO Alexandre Grosjean has taken his ex-club to the labor tribunal. That reports SudPresse. The reason? A dispute over the termination clause of his contract, in particular over the duration of the notice received.

Jeroen DePauw

Almost exactly one year ago, Alexandre Grosjean and Standard parted ways. The CEO left in mutual agreement with the Liège club, but not with full meaning. His departure had everything to do with the then imminent American takeover of the club. Grosjean also had to swallow a lot of criticism from the Standard supporters beforehand due to disappointing results. They demanded his departure several times.

Venanzi’s role

Grosjean was guided to the club by his friend Bruno Venanzi, but was later escorted to the exit by the same man. Grosjean was initially responsible for communications and marketing at the Rouches before taking on the role of general manager. Their bond has deteriorated greatly after his departure from the club.

With his actions, he mainly wants to rectify disputes about the end of the collaboration, especially the financial picture. The Belgian born in Verviers was general manager of the Liège tradition club for a total of four years.

Once side by side, now Grosjean and Venanzi face each other. — © BELGIUM

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