BetFirst BNXT League: Limburg United sure of Elite Gold tonight or can Leuven Bears keep hoping?

Alex Stein can assure himself of Elite Gold with Limburg United tonight. — © Serge Minten

Eddy Casteels will miss assistant Jill Lorent (at work as an assistant with the Cats in Germany) in Charleroi tonight. — © Well

thumbnail: Alex Stein can secure Elite Gold with Limburg United tonight.
thumbnail: Eddy Casteels will miss assistant Jill Lorent (at work as assistant with the Cats in Germany) in Charleroi tonight.

Tonight the 17th day of the BetFirst BNXT League kicks off with two important matches. Limburg United can secure Elite Gold if it wins in Liège. Leuven Bears then has to win again in Charleroi and hope for the Limburgers to lose. Only then can the people of Leuven continue to hope for the last ticket for Elite Gold.

Patrick Ceulemans

With only two matchdays left in the BetFirst BXNT, four teams are already certain of Elite Gold: Oostende, Antwerp Giants, Kangoeroes Mechelen and Spirou Charleroi. The fifth and last ticket therefore goes to Limburg United or Leuven Bears. The Limburgers count two victories (9 out of 16) more than the Leuven team (7 out of 16). Leuven Bears is positive towards the team from Hasselt. If Limburg United cheers tonight in Liège, it is booking for Leuven Bears and they can prepare for Elite Silver. Loss of Limburg United in combination with a win by the Bears tonight in Charleroi means that the last day of play should bring clarity about Elite Gold. Leuven Bears then moves to Liège and Limburg United then has to go to Antwerp Giants The seventeenth match day brings Friday Brussels-Liège, Saturday Kangoeroes Mechelen-Liège and Sunday the topper in COREtec Dôme between Ostend and Antwerp Giants. The coast team and the Sinjoren are in the lead with 11 out of 15. The winner of this duel therefore does a golden job towards pole position. The Ostend-Antwerp Giants match will be broadcast live on Play Sports and Pickx Sports on Sunday from 2:45 PM.

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