Forget the Oscars for a while, first LA is gearing up tonight for the Big Hollywood-style LeBron James Show

If you want to see LeBron James score the remaining 36 points and see record holder Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (38,387 points) pass, you have to open your wallet. Tickets will be sold at half the price of the average ticket price, according to ticket agency Stubhub, when the Lakers will face City Thunder next night at 4:30 a.m. Belgian time. Starting from $144, and up to seats courtside, up to $74,121.

Tickets for Thursday’s game on Friday starting at 4 a.m. Belgian time against the Milwaukee Bucks go even higher, up to 70 percent higher than usual and starting from $630 to $98,828.

Understand: the tenor is that James will not get the job done in one match, but in two matches in the Arena, which can accommodate twenty thousand people. Don’t worry for the Lakers fans, the next two games will be played at home by the Lakers.

In recent days, tickets have sold like hot cakes, more than the games for the New York Knicks, Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics combined. Not bad for a team that is barely thirteenth.

Correction: not just ‘a’ team. With the Lakers it can always be a little more, and then another layer on top. The City of Angels, where emotions are magnified, with a mix of glamour, glitter, show. Not coincidentally, Hollywood and the Los Angeles-based entertainment business have a lot to do with it. And not by accident the rich and the famous likes and often to the Lakers, from Leonardo DiCaprio over Tom Cruise to Snoop Dogg. Or not coincidentally, some of the better seats, in the front row, are called the Nicholson Seats, after actor Jack Nicholson, one of the staunchest supporters. Even if the 85-year-old is seen less often than before.

Actor Jack Nicholson, a loyal fan of the Lakers for many years. — © Getty Images via AFP

Who is definitely expected in the record matches is the man who will lose his record, Abdul-Jabbar. Oh irony: Abdul-Jabbar was rarely a cheerful French in the glory days with the Lakers, certainly never embraced by Lakers fans like Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant or James. James and Abdul-Jabbar themselves aren’t the best of friends either. When James expressed skepticism about the corona vaccine or compared corona to a common cold a few months later, he got the lid on Abdul-Jabbar twice. That James was completely wrong with his attitude. “LeBron is a critical voice against police brutality for the black community, but he must with the same voice defend vaccines that can save the lives of thousands of blacks.” He came back from his later statements that James did good things, but also sometimes “stupid acts” – he referred to a dance, among other things. LeBron initially said he was honored to possibly follow in his footsteps, but later honed in on the words, “I have no relationship with him.”

Detail: Over the past few days, James has been spotted on the training field repeatedly hitting the sky hook practiced, the legendary move that was Abdul-Jabbar’s trademark. Is a tribute in the works? Or even better, a wiedergutmachung by way of reconciliation between the two, between all the hallelujahs, hosannas and show? A perfect Hollywood scenario.

A few days ago, Beyoncé, among others, was allowed to shine during the Grammys in the Arena in LA. — © Getty Images for The Recording A

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