Anderlecht fans sharp towards Wouter Vandenhaute: “We do not believe in your step back, our confidence is completely gone”


The ultra groups Mauves Army and South Leaders and the Fanboard consultation platform of Anderlecht have once again spoken threatening language in an open letter to the board, especially “non-executive” Anderlecht chairman Wouter Vandenhaute. They are not satisfied with what they see as a mere symbolic step aside.

Michael Van Damme

“After our first call on January 11, Wouter Vandenhaute has announced that he is stepping aside in the day-to-day management of RSC Anderlecht by becoming “non-executive chairman”. In our opinion, little has changed since this announcement,” it says in an open letter. “Our trust in him has completely disappeared and what we consider a media stunt will not change this! We do not believe in this step back, witness your still too prominent presence around the sporting staff. We therefore do not see the point of the title of “non-executive chairman”. Executive or non-executive, you are no longer our chairman Wouter. The culture change you promise us will mainly take place through your departure.”

CEO Jesper Fredberg gets some credit. “However, we also realize that we now have to give every opportunity to the CEOs Fredberg and Bornauw to put things in order. We therefore give it until the end of the season to see how independently these CEOs can and are allowed to work. As for Jean Kindermans, we demand that he be embraced as soon as possible so that peace can return to the academy.”

Marc Coucke is also addressed. “To the other shareholders and board members, including Marc Coucke, it is time to take your responsibility. Do whatever it takes to save our club and ensure that no one but those with a sporting mandate are involved in football. Finally, we inform you that you are just passers-by with money, who think you can represent the club! Don’t forget that we, supporters, are forever the purple and white heart of this club, and that we will continue to guard the DNA of Royal Sporting Club Anderlecht. If our position is not respected, further action will be taken.”

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