Amon Youth Gentson settles with Brasschaat in the second half: “Visitors played on the edge of the permissible”

Basketball 1st national (v) Amon Youth Gentson

Wesley Wauters and Amon Youth Gentson are also working hard on the core for next season: “We are working on it, but so far without results.” — © Nic Declercq


With 64-55, Amon Youth Gentson held off Brasschaat last weekend. With an eight out of twelve, the Ghent team settles in fourth place, but given that both Phantoms Boom B and LDP Donza played more matches, second place remains in sight. On Sunday it goes to Kortrijk Spurs, throw-up at 11 a.m.

Johan Gaudissabois

Coach Wesley Wauters is moderately satisfied despite the victory against Brasschaat. “At first I thought it was one dirty matches. The visitors played on the edge of the permissible. The biggest victim was Sara De Coussemaker, who twice ran into a downright unsportsmanlike elbow. However, the referees turned a blind eye to everything and to make matters worse, Sara was injured after the second attack. In addition, Marie Van den Broecke almost immediately got fouled three errors in the first half. On her return, a fourth foul quickly came on top, which meant that she could never actually get into the match. I have to admit that in the first half we almost didn’t make it defensively. For example, we let Jolien De Houwer make one three-pointer after another, with which she already had seventeen points to her name in the first half. In the second half, however, we managed to recover beautifully”, said Wauters.

“It is a fact that too many girls like to hide behind the achievements of Sula Asseloos, Marie Van den Broecke or Sara de Coussemaker,” Wauters continues. “That was completely different this time after the break and from a 26-34 deficit we overshot Brasschaat. This Sunday we are going to Kortrijk. That’s a young team that really likes to bring basketball fast. They have very good marksmen. If we start against them like against Brasschaat, then we are guaranteed to have a twenty-point gap at halftime. We should not be blinded by their modest position in the ranking. This Kortrijk can do a lot better than what they showed so far. We will have to be defensive from the start.”


Amon Youth Gentson is now also preparing for next season. Are there already incoming transfers to report? “We are working on it, but so far without result. To strengthen ourselves, we also focus on a few players from the first division. We are very busy at the moment. Still waiting for concrete results”, concludes Wauters.

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