ATP has a conclusion ready! Zverev not guilty of physical or emotional assault against Russian ex-girlfriend


German tennis star Alexander Zverev will not be punished for domestic violence, despite allegations from his ex-partner Olya Sharapova. An independent investigation could not find enough evidence to actually punish Zverev. Consequently, tennis association ATP will not issue a sanction.

Guy Van Den Langenbergh

Zverev, 25, was charged with domestic violence and emotional abuse in 2020 by his then-Russian girlfriend Olya Sharypova.

ATP decided to launch an independent investigation, conducted by research firm The Lake Forest Group (LFG). The researchers had conversations with both Sharypova and Zverev, but also with people close to them. The e-mail and text messages between the ex-partners were also scrutinized. The agency was appointed to avoid any hint of a conflict of interest.

It took LFG fifteen months to arrive at a final report. In the absence of reliable evidence and due to contradictory statements by Sharypova, LFG concludes that there is not enough material to substantiate the allegations of physical and mental abuse. Based on this report, ATP has decided not to take disciplinary action against the German tennis star. Zverev has always maintained his innocence.

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