OH Leuven does not get past stubborn STVV in a direct duel for eighth place

OH Leuven cannot get past stubborn STVV in a direct duel for eighth place

Two teams that yearned for a victory after a one in six, but neither succeeded. OH Leuven and STVV played a 1-1 draw, after the visitors took the lead at halftime despite barely having 34 percent possession of the ball. The Canaries thus continue to occupy eighth place, which entitles them to the play-offs, the people of Leuven follow one point later.

The sharpest team in the opening phase was clearly STVV. His first counter-attacks were always dangerous and it didn’t take long before that led to a goal. Okazaki left Ouedraogo on the spot and brought it to his compatriot Hayashi, who finished well. The Japanese connection single-handedly made it 0-1.


The first half hour was fun to follow, but the chances remained out except for that one goal. OHL had possession, but did nothing with it. There was no threat whatsoever from the team from Leuven until the end of the first half came into view. Then the home side started to arrive. It led to several chances in a few minutes. First there was Tamari who kicked over from just outside the box, then Thorsteinsson came in for goalkeeper Schmidt, but his finish was not strong enough. A minute later, Schrijvers’ free kick just went over. And the offensive was not over yet. Just before half-time, Patris came in for Schmidt, but he narrowly missed.

Icelandic cool

In the beginning of the second half, OHL immediately got a penalty kick when Teixeira committed a pushing foul on Schrijvers. Thorsteinsson put the 1-1 with an Icelandic cool in the bottom right corner. A dot of a chance also followed on the other side, but Hayashi kicked over. Then Bocat swerved from the edge of the box on a corner kick, but his shot whizzed wide.

OH Leuven cannot get past stubborn STVV in a direct duel for eighth place


In the middle of the second half again the people of Leuven. Nsingi decided on Schmidt from a close angle. Not much later, Thorsteinsson also kicked the STVV goalkeeper. After that, the game was over for the 21-year-old OHL talent. Gonzalez, back from a hamstring injury, took his place. The Spanish goalgetter was unable to win over the line. Thorsteinsson did kick on goal, but aimed over. Tamari then tried again from far, but his shot also went high.

goals: 9’ Hayashi (Okazaki) 0-1, 53’ Thorsteinsson (strafschop) 1-1

OHL: Cojocaru, Patris, Pletinckx, Ricca, Ouedraogo (84′ Vlietinck), Dom, Schrijvers (68′ Kiyine), De Norre, Tamari, Thorsteinsson, Nsingi (68′ Gonzalez)

STVV: Schmidt, Janssens, Teixeira, Bauer, Hashioka, Boya, Reitz, Koita (46′ Bocat), Hayashi (71′ Hara), Okazaki, Bruno (81′ Van Dessel)

Yellow cards: 8′ Bruno, 33′ Hayashi, 89′ Janssens

Referee: Jan Boterberg

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