Vincent Kompany’s Burnley unpacks with crazy transfer video for Westerlo striker: “Messi, Ronaldo or Foster? Um… Foster!”

The fact that clubs try to boost their image and popularity via social media has been a trend for a few years now. Every now and then this translates into bizarre announcement videos for transfers. Burnley FC has entered the superlative.

Vincent Van Genechten

The club of coach Vincent Kompany took over striker Lyle Foster from Westerlo for 11 million euros. The English celebrated that with an announcement video like you’ve never seen before.

Burnley lets you end up in Shrek’s story through an animation. In it, Lord Farquaad gets the choice of a new attacker: Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo or Foster. Ultimately, he opts for Foster’s services.

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Burnley are on their way back to the Premier League. Vincent Kompany’s team has an eighteen point lead over the current number three after 28 of the 46 games. The numbers one and two of the Championship are promoted directly.

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