Everton reports for Club Brugge goalkeeper Senne Lammens


Senne Lammens (20) is hot. The duplication of Simon Mignolet at Club Brugge, who is at the end of his contract in June and will no longer be extended, is being heavily applied for. Especially from England.

That Leeds are interested in getting him in the summer was already known, but there is now also Everton. The Toffees have reported to Club and want to attract him this month. However, it is not easy for Lammens to tie the knot about his future. He would like to become the first goalkeeper somewhere and is that possible at a club like Everton? English international Jordan Pickford is (for the time being) still under the crossbar. There are also many first division players in Belgium who think of Lemmens, such as Antwerp, but he may be saddled with the same problem there. They would have loved to keep him at Club, but if he does leave, preferably now, then it will catch something. With Joe Bursik it has already made it to a replacement. (dvd, jve)

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