Thomas Vermaelen about the position of technical director at the union: “If people ask me, who knows”

© Marc Gysens

The Football Association wants to continue with Thomas Vermaelen (37), assistant national coach under Roberto Martinez. He is not yet eligible for national coaching, so the most logical thing is that he would become an assistant again, but what if he were asked for the vacant position of technical director? “If the union asks me, who knows,” he said in front of the VTM microphone for the Gala of the Golden Shoe.

“At the moment I am flexible, because I am not employed anywhere and therefore free,” says Vermaelen. “I can spend a lot of time with my wife and children. I’ll see what comes my way, I’m not opposed to anything. If the union asks me, who knows”, he says of the possibility of becoming technical director. He is not aware of the search for a new national coach. “I know very little, as I am no longer employed by the Football Association.”

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