Live football: Ituano x Palmeiras for the Paulista Championship

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Upon arrival at the stadium, coach Abel Ferreira complained again about the short rest time for the team from today’s match until Saturday’s Super Cup decision against Flamengo. According to the coach, the Federation did not agree to anticipate the game. Therefore, he opted to climb the reserves in Itu.

Ituano gathered before the warm-up. The focus is on seeking the first victory for Paulistão It would be the 7th account for Palmeiras at Novelli Júnior.

Today’s game could mean the debut of the season for most of the athletes who rose from under-20. Naves, Fabinho, Jhon Jhon and Giovani are on the bench and are looking for the first minutes in 2023.

where to watch Ituano vs Palmeiras ao vivo and online for Campeonato Paulista. Also, see the lineup, time, arbitration and place of the match.

At first, the game will be at 19:30 (Brasília time), this Wednesday (January 25), at Neo Novelli Júnior.

Where to watch Ituano vs Palmeiras live?

In summary, the teams enter the field for Paulistão 2023. Thus, the confrontation will be broadcast on Premiere, Paulistão Play and Youtube.

Data it’s timeWednesday, 01/24, at 7:30 pm (BR)
LocalNovelli Junior Stadium
RefereeThiago Luis Scarascati
where to watchPremiere, Paulistao Play and Youtube.

Escalation of Ituano: Jefferson Paulino; Raí Ramos, Rafael Pereira, Bernardo and Mário Sérgio; André Luiz, Person and Lucas Siqueira; Saraiva, Yago and Paulo Victor.

Palmeiras lineup: Marcelo Lomba; Garcia, Kuscevic, Luan and Vanderlan; Jailson, Atuesta and Bruno Tabata; Breno Lopes, Lopez and Rafael Navarro.

About the Campeonato Paulista

In short, the Paulista championship is formed in the first phase by 4 groups with 16 teams in total. Each group with 4 teams, where 2 qualify for the quarterfinals, so the teams play in single matches until the semifinals. Finally, the final is played in two games, home and away.

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Ituano vs Palmeiras broadcast

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