Kortrijk Spurs ready to receive a BNXT League license in May, Castors Braine also hopes to return to the first division in the long term

Chairman Steve Rosseau wants to go to the top with Kortrijk Spurs. — © Kortrijk Spurs

The BetFirst BNXT League and the Belgian part will normally have eleven clubs next season. The ambitious Kortrijk Spurs are getting everything ready to apply for a license for the 2023-24 season. “Normally we meet all the guidelines and even if we don’t play champions in Top Division One (second division) we will normally be allowed to promote. For a good understanding, the licenses will not be awarded until May and we will officially know whether we are awarded a PhD,” said chairman Steve Rousseau. Castors Braine also hopes for a comeback to first class in the long term.

Patrick Ceulemans

Chairman Steve Rosseau explains the ambitious plans of the West Flemish club: “We have had some positive conversations with the Pro League. We inquired about the license terms and will comply with all perimeters. We have already set up a professional structure and also towards accommodation (Sportcampus Lange Munte) etc… there are no problems. However, we wanted the guarantee of the Pro League if we don’t play champions this season, we would still be eligible for a license. So that is not a problem. After all, we can’t wait until May and after this campaign to get everything ready for the BetFirst BNXT League,” said Chairman Steve Rosseau.

“We are very ambitious with our club and also with our men’s team. After obtaining the license, we want to move on to qualifying for the Elite Gold (top-5) in the BNXT League. So we set the bar very high with our coach Christophe Beghin. To this end, the current team is being built on and supplemented with additional professionals. Four of our own youth players will also be part of the squad.” Chairman Steve Rosseau also gives some explanation about the cooperation with second division team and fellow series Waregem. “U16 players who have the potential to progress to the BNXT League will be scouted. They are registered with House of Talents Spurs or ION Waregem. The players, who will have a double license, will join the youth teams. They attend daytime training sessions with the Spurs-BNXT team and some evening training sessions with ION Waregem. They contest matches with Waregem in Top Division One or with House of Talents Spurs at BNXT level.” Kortrijk Spurs are currently in Top Division Men 1 (group 2) with 9 out of 11.

Comeback Castors Braine?

Also at Castors Braine, especially with the women’s team top in Belgium for the past ten years, wants to go back higher with the men’s team. In the eighties and early nineties, Castors Braine was a top team in Belgium. The team of coach Michel Voituron, with players such as Tony Marion, Bernard Tirtiaux, Marc Deheneffe, Jacques Stas and Kerry Trotter, challenged Racing Mechelen as a strong American and became vice-champion no less than five times between 1987 and 1992. Serge Crevecoeur, former coach and manager at Brussels, has recently become a consultant at the club. The men’s team currently plays in the Walloon Regional division, but wants to move up. In the longer term, a new infrastructure is being considered on the one hand and a team in the BNXT League on the other.

Ten years ago there were only eight teams in the first division. So probably eleven next season and maybe twelve in the longer term. Great prospects for the largest indoor sport in Belgium!

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