“Keikop” Simon Mignolet is grateful for Golden Boot, Nicky Evrard dreams of “making a top transfer”

OHL goalkeeper Nicky Evrard saw her strong year crowned with this individual award. “I’m going to calm down a bit now, I think,” Evrard said now that the pressure is off her shoulders.

“I had a very nice year. I think this is a nice recognition for that. I will find a nice place at my house for this trophy,” said Evrard at VTM.

“I am very proud that I can sit here as the winner” Evrard responded further at the press moment afterwards. “I had a premonition that I would finish high but did not think I would win,” confessed Evrard, who was also very happy with the election of her male colleague in goal Simon Mignolet. “It is unique that I can sit here with another goalkeeper.”

EK met Red Flames

As a goalkeeper of the Belgian football women, she co-wrote national sports history in 2022. The Red Flames reached a historic place in the quarter-finals at the European Championship and owed this emphatically to 27-year-old Evrard.

“I think that tournament was decisive in my Golden Boot now. In any case, it was a very good year for Belgian women’s football, with that quarter-final place. My dream now is to make a top transfer, hopefully this summer. I am a fan of the English league,” said the Red Flame, who admitted to prefer a possible title with OHL to this Golden Boot. “Sari also said that he thinks that way, that is typical of our team. Our ultimate dream is to play champion but that won’t be easy. The playoffs will soon be crucial. Anderlecht is very experienced and a tough opponent.”


Word of thanks to Mignolet

“Unbelievable, I am very happy”, Simon Mignolet is the first to tell VTM. “First of all, thank you very much to the people who voted for me. It ensures that I can receive this trophy. Secondly, I would like to thank my trainers and teammates. They make sure that I stay sharp and train properly every day. Even on my slightly older day.”

“But my parents and family also take care of who I am: my upbringing and character. Then thank you to my wife for self-effacing for the football career. And my two sons, who unfortunately can’t be there yet. They make sure that I can forget football when I get home. And if I may put a feather on my own hat: my own rock head who ensures that I always keep going during a lesser period. I am very happy, thank you for this”, said the new Golden Boot, who can also call himself Goalkeeper of the Year for the fourth time in a row.

Catch the eye

“I knew I was the favorite, but in the end you have no control over the voters,” said the Limburger. “So I had to wait and see but was very happy when my name came out. I am very proud and proud of this award.”

“To win the Golden Shoe as a goalkeeper you have to stand out and stick in people’s memory. Being important at important moments, for me that was in the play-offs and the Champions League. That way you give yourself as a goalkeeper the chance to win the Shoe.”


“What was my best save of 2022? Hard to say. Some important saves do come to mind, like against Antwerp with the foot and Atlético Madrid with the head. Also one against Anderlecht. They were saves at crucial moments.”

Mignolet was showered with praise, but he is currently experiencing difficult moments with blue-black. “I just want to win the next game. We need a déclic and maybe this individual trophy can even help. It is currently a very good marriage between Club Brugge and myself. You never know in football, but I hope to finish my career at Club”, concluded the Red Devil, who also saw his female colleague Nicky Evrard triumph. “Great that two keepers get the Golden Shoe. That shows that we have a good education in Belgium.”

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