IT’S ALSO FUN IN PROVINCIAL. The story of an ultimate salute, an avalanche and a tie at the top of the top marksmen’s league

1. Avalanche of goals in the first provincial

No less than 33 goals in eight games. The teams in the first were clearly looking forward to it and while Limburg was forced to hold snowball fights instead of playing league games, it rained goals in the highest provincial series. For example, SV Zottegem lashed out against SKN Sint-Niklaas: 7-2, including a hat trick for Heymans. Leader KSK Beveren then sent Kallo home 5-1. Vergauwen was good for a hat trick here.

2. Evergem 2020 smiling third in 3A

The top duel between KFC Sint-Kruis-Winkel and leader VK Watervliet ended in a 4-2 victory for Sint-Kruis-Winkel. As a result, Evergem 2020 jumps to the lead in the ranking. Brewers and co. won 2-4 at Eendracht Hansbeke and thus count two points more than Watervliet. The new leaders also have a catch-up game up their sleeve.

3. Vrasene at the party in the Waasland

KFC Vrasene has a quiet season and camps in the broad middle bracket in 2C, but when they visited KSK Kallo they did not finish a week-long match. Under the impetus of Jeroen De Saegher, KFC Vrasene eventually won 1-8 in Kallo. In the same series, KAV Dendermonde seemed to be on its way to a first point of the season for a long time, but in the final minutes VK White Boys finally took full advantage thanks to a goal from Maes.

4. Waarschoot pays a beautiful tribute

Joy and sadness are sometimes close together. Last week, FAC Waarschoot was hit hard by the sudden death of coach Koen Goethals. The day after the funeral of the 51-year-old trainer, Waarschoot gave an ultimate salute. The emotional but hyper-motivated home team won the home game against KVV Zomergem 12-0. The twelfth goal came from Simon Goethals, the nephew of the completely unexpectedly deceased trainer.

The regretted Koen Goethals (r.). — © photo Marc Van Hecke

5. Daknam lashes out at Orly

13-0, the result of the duel between FC Daknam and Orly Sint-Niklaas speaks for itself. The term pre-war score is actually no longer applicable. Nicholas Neyt scored five goals and therefore had an excellent afternoon. At the very top of the score, Blauw-Wit Temse remains unapproachable: 5-1 win against PD Kruibeke and already a fifteen-point lead after HRS Haasdonk B came no further than a 1-1 draw at Lokeren-Temse B.

The best shooter in East Flanders

Timothy Van Laecke has got hold of Hugues Van Holderbeke. Just like the top scorer of SKV Oostakker, the striker of SKL Doorslaar now also has 31 goals. Van Holderbeke did not score this weekend and has to tolerate his main competitor next to him. Jesse Brouwers also seems to be alert again and scored two goals for Evergem 2020.

31 goals: Hugues Van Holderbeke (SKV Oostakker, 4A) and Timothy Van Laecke (SKL Doorslaar, 2C)

27 goals: Thijs De Leeuw (Kluisbergen Sport B, 4C)

26 goals: Thibaut Vanhuffel (VSV Gent B, 4A)

25 goals: Jesse Brouwers (Evergem 2020, 3A)

24 goals: Ismail Ben Ayad (Blauw-Wit Temse, 4E) and Gilles Dentijn (Jong Zulte A, 3B)

23 goals: Louis Thyssen (Sp. Sint-Gillis-Waas, 2C)

22 goals: Gianni Peeters (Bosdam-Beveren, 4E), Renko Van Acoleyen (KFC Baasrode, 4D)

21 goals: Dylan Verstraeten (FC Sint-Kruis-Winkel, 3A)

20 goals: Mathis De Schamphelaere (VC Zevergem Sp., 4B), Egon Pletinckx (VK Ninove B, 3D), Dieter De Mulder (Gavere-Asper, 3B), Dante Meul (Blauw-Wit Temse, 4E) and Ruben Deleu (VVE Hansbeke, 3A)

19 goals: Quinten De Muer (FCG Sint-Laureins, 2A), Brian Vandenbossche (SV Sint-Anteliks A, 3D) Kevin Sa Faria (Rangers Opdorp, 3E), Mehmet Kutlu (VKA Middelburg, 4A), Gregory Vermeeren (Standaard Muide, 3A) , Jasper Paternoster (FC Bonanza, 4C) and Thibeaux Van Nuffel (VCE Houtem B, 4D)

18 goals: Daoud Mahli (FC Ronse, 4C)

Things to watch out for this weekend

* Mariakerke’s remonte has already been nipped in the bud. The team from Ghent started 2023 with a win against KSK Flemish Ardennes, but lost no chance in Melsele last weekend, 4-0. Cedric Vlaeminck’s team remains in the danger zone and urgently needs to grab points. Maybe a visit to SK Denderhoutem this weekend?

* In 2A, FC Latem had to let go of the title fight last weekend. With a home match against FCE Meetjesland, Latem will have the chance to recover on Saturday evening. FCG Sint-Laureins and FC Destelbergen meanwhile do not let go of each other and are gradually preparing for an incredibly exciting title fight.

* A Ghent derby in 3A: Muide receives Sint-Kruis-Winkel on Saturday evening, while leader Evergem 2020 receives close pursuer Watervliet for its own audience. Goals and spectacle guaranteed!

* In 3B, four of the eight games last weekend ended in a draw. Curious whether leader Bottelare can again start with a victory after the 1-1 points division at Huise-Ouwegem. The opponent of service is Vinkt, which also needs the points very badly.

* In 4A, Dampoort took full advantage of leader Oostakker’s loss of points. Dampoort won 1-0 against FC Anatolia Gent. Oostakker and Dampoort are now neck and neck in the position. Let’s see if both teams stay clear this weekend.

* In 4C it remains nice and exciting. WIK Boekel has one point less and has already played a match more than leader SK Munkzwalm B, but everything is still possible. Both teams seem determined not to hand out gifts to each other. We eagerly monitor their results.

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