Ex-laureate Steven Defour with new girlfriend on golden carpet: “We are not hiding”


As an ex-laureate, Steven Defour could not be missed at the Golden Shoe gala. The KV Mechelen coach appeared on the golden carpet with his new girlfriend Isabel.

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The two have been a couple for several months, according to photos on Instagram. “We don’t hide it either. But this is the first time that we show ourselves together at such a public event.”

The glitz and glamor of the football world is new to Isabel. She has no intention of seeking the spotlight. “I don’t really need that,” she said. “I kind of forced her to come along,” added Defour.

What’s life like as a partner of a budding head coach? “He will take it home. He is constantly working on it,” said Isabel. “Certainly in the beginning”, Defour agreed. “Nowadays I can close it on certain days. But it is busier, there is more responsibility involved.”

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