Antwerp with a large delegation present at the Golden Shoe gala: “Antwerp not in the spotlight? Not yet!”

From left to right: Mark van Bommel, Joachim Vercaigne (chief scout), Erwin Van den Sande (spokesperson), Thomas Carpels (physical coach), John Stegeman (assistant trainer) with other half, Christopher Scott, Arbnor Muja, Sven Jaecques (general manager), Sascha Van de Sande (team manager), Toby Alderweireld with his wife Shani and Vincent Janssen with his Mexican-American wife Talia. Not in the picture: goalkeepers Jean Butez and Davino Verhulst. — © BELGIUM

Antwerp will probably not shoot the main bird in the Golden Shoe election this year, but that did not stop the club from sending a large delegation to the gala. Trainer Mark van Bommel was accompanied by, among others, captain Toby Alderweireld and top scorer Vincent Janssen.

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Van Bommel: “I myself became football player of the year twice in the Netherlands and the whole team was invited. Unfortunately that is not possible here, because I will not win any prizes. But we are here with a large group and that is nice. The atmosphere is good.”

Unlike two years ago (when Lior Refealov won), an Antwerp player will not win the prize this year. The year 2023 has already started well for the Great Old, according to Van Bommel. “Only when a team functions well can an individual excel. If we continue as we are now, we will see beautiful things. Whether an Antwerp player can win the Golden Shoe next year? If so, we’ve done well.

Toby Alderweireld: “Antwerp not in the spotlight? Not yet!”

Toby Alderweireld was flanked by his wife Shani. “You see a lot of people here that you know in a different setting and that’s nice. This way my wife can also get to know the teammates. And then in my hometown Antwerp, that’s just not!” the ex-Red Devil sounded enthusiastic.

The Antwerp players will not be in the spotlight here. “Not yet!” interrupted a good-natured Aldweireld. “Next year, write it down”, joked the Antwerp captain. “Tonight’s winner has already been announced, but we are already in a good flow this year. Hopefully we can continue that.”




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