Will Dante Vanzeir’s American dream come true? Union striker is a breath away from New York Red Bulls


It looks like Dante Vanzeir (24) can live his American dream. Union and New York Red Bulls are in the final stages of negotiations. A final agreement has not yet been reached, but it is expected soon.

Pieter-Jan Calcoen

There is a good chance that Dante Vanzeir played his last game for Union, which would bring his final balance with the vice champion to 91 games, 48 ​​goals and 21 assists – strong figures. In recent days, Union and New York Red Bulls have grown closer over a final transfer. All parties are approaching an agreement after tough negotiations. There are still some details to be arranged, which means that there is still a little caution at all levels, but again: it is expected that everything will be fine.

More than five million euros

Union would catch more than five million euros for Vanzeir, a player who attracted it almost for free in 2020. The club realizes that the attacker has a very specific profile – he works best in a two-forward system, and there are not very many clubs that play that way – so there will never be a long list of interested parties. With that in mind, the NY Red Bulls offer is very attractive to Union. The bosses at Union know that it is quite possible that a club will never again have so much money for Vanzeir.

Vanzeir himself has a multi-year contract ready in America. He roughly knows what he can earn at NY Red Bulls – no problems are expected in that area. Union, which works with pay scales, could never match what the Americans can offer Vanzeir in terms of wages.

NY Red Bulls tracked down Vanzeir through intensive scouting and was immediately convinced of his potential added value: with his explosiveness, depth and nose for goals, he is a dream asset for coach Gerhard Struber. At NY Red Bulls, Vanzeir will end up in a core with mainly Americans: hardly any Europeans will play. The new season in the MLS starts at the end of February, the NY Red Bulls’ goal is to compete at the top of the standings.


Union coach Karel Geraerts does not like to see Vanzeir leave. With the Limburger he loses a key player, it is a sporting loss anyway. The ambition of Union, which is still active on three fronts, is to replace Vanzeir with dignity, but time is ticking – the transfer window only runs until Tuesday. Earlier this mercato, Union already declined interest in Dennis Eckert. A good move, it now appears: it is initially up to the German to put Boniface and Nilsson to the test.

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