Íbis x Salgueiro: watch live football, lineup and more from Campeonato Pernambucano

Ibis vs Salgueiro live: see how to watch the game live, lineups, arbitration, guesses and tips. — © Team Futebolizei

where to watch Ibis x Willow tree live and online for Campeonato Pernambucano 2023. In addition, see the lineup, predictions, time, arbitration and place of the match.

At first, the game will be at 15:00 (Brasília time), this Tuesday (January 24th), Gileno de Carli Stadium.

Where to watch Ibis vs Salgueiro live?

In summary, the teams enter the field for the Pernambuco Championship. Thus, the competition games are being divided into three transmission platforms: Rede Globo, on open TV, Dazn on pay-per-view and on the FPF channel, on YouTube. In addition, Ge/PE will also play some games.

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Data it’s timeTuesday, 01/24, at 3 pm (BR)
LocalGileno di Carli Stadium
RefereeRodrigo José Pereira de Lima
where to watchYouTube (FPF TV)

Escalation of Ibis: Ciriaco, Dávisson, Kelvin, Fabrício, Kleiton, Celestino, Jailton, Índio, Clebson, Lukaku, Anderson Barbosa.

Escalation of Willow tree: César Tanaka, Gabriel Fonseca, Gustavo Silva, Luís Eduardo, Denilton, Hebert, Anderson Recife, Pedro Talisca, Palominha, André, Kelsen.

About the Pernambuco Championship

In short, the Pernambuco Championship is formed by 13 clubs, namely: Central, Afogados, Belo Jardim, Caruaru City, Maguary, Petrolina, Porto-PE, Retrô, Salgueiro, Santa Cruz, Sport, Ibis and Náutico.

Finally, the two best placed will go straight to the semifinals of the competition, while the third to sixth will play in the second phase in single matches, so whoever wins will go to the semifinals where they will face the 1st and 2nd placed that were already waiting there.

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Ibis vs Salgueiro live stream

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