Fabio Silva says goodbye and does so without resentment: “Anderlecht is the biggest club in Belgium”

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Fabio Silva said goodbye to Anderlecht on Instagram. The Portuguese attacker was hired from Wolverhampton and was initially successful, but recently his performance has been less, he has played less and coach Brian Riemer has had a problem with him. Silva does not yet have a new destination, but he is linked to PSV. Despite the bad ending, Silva only expresses gratitude for RSCA.

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“I want to share my gratitude for this great club and their supporters. They believed in me and trusted me at a time when many doubted,” it sounds.

“Also a special mention to my teammates: thank you for all the support and joyful moments on and off the field. Real friendships have developed.”

“Gratitude is something essential in my life, so I want to say that all of them have given me the chance to be happy again and do what I love most!! Thank you for helping me grow as a person and as a player!!”

“And for the incredible fans, you were essential in supporting the team and myself, although the results were not always what we expected. It will be an honor to continue to support this club, the largest in Belgium.”

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