Paul Nardi has in no time become a fixed value in goal at AA Gent: “I can do even better”

With ten clean sheets, Nardi has already sufficiently proven that he is a reliable capstone for the Buffalos. — © BELGIUM

With his tenth clean sheet of the season, Paul Nardi claimed another leading role in Ghent’s draw against Charleroi on Thursday. Nevertheless, the French goalkeeper was not entirely satisfied the next day. “A lack of consistent performance has been bothering us for some time.”

Stefan Smet

“We missed a great opportunity to win against Charleroi”, Paul Nardi tried to hide his disappointment. The day after the dismal 0-0, the French goalkeeper was still very disappointed. “Charleroi was very low and we didn’t find the spaces and therefore couldn’t create many opportunities together. Then you notice that Bruges does not win in Sint-Truiden, well, that is sour. But we will keep fighting.”

Just like his coach, Nardi is also quite critical of the Ghent team performance. “The coach is right when he says that we are not bringing enough. We need to show our superiority more. It just has to be better. We weren’t up to par when we visited Union and Antwerp, but it wasn’t easy against Kortrijk either. Then we had to contend with three injuries and Kortrijk is also quite in shape. Still, we all just have to perform better to get to the top four.”

Nardi does show himself to be an optimist. “A lack of consistent performance has been bothering us for some time, although we might have talked differently now if we had scored at the end yesterday. I’m not immediately worried, our coach will certainly offer solutions. Charleroi also remains a dangerous team. 0-0 is not a good result for us, but you should not underestimate them either.”

“The battle for fourth place is actually not that stressful, you know. Stress doesn’t really play a role for me. I rather call it motivation”, Nardi shows himself a cool frog. “If Bruges had lost fewer points, we might have spoken differently now. So much the better for us, but now we have to take advantage of it more. The results at Union and Antwerp obviously hurt us. Mentally it was tough. A few days later we played a reference match against Kortrijk. You win after a tough match, we have to remember that.”

On Sunday evening, the party awaits on Stayen’s artificial turf. Kick-off at 9 p.m. Not fun for the average fan, but also not for a professional football player. “Playing football on a Sunday evening at 9 p.m. also affects us. I also prefer a match in the afternoon with a full stadium, but we are professionals, we should not dwell on that too long.”

“STTV is also just a solid whole with a solid defense. They are also not that far from us and they also played a draw against Club Brugge, right? Moreover, we have to play football on an unusual surface for us. Artificial grass is never obvious. So that will be another tough assignment, but we will do everything we can to bring the three points to Ghent.”

With ten clean sheets, Nardi has already sufficiently proven that he is a reliable capstone for the Buffalos. “I feel very good about myself, but there is still a margin of progression. I am not too easily satisfied with my performance. I am in a good period with ten clean sheets in eighteen matches for AA Gent. However, it does not stop there. I can do even better. But I will not reveal all the details.” (laughs)

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