Figures prove: Union is the best team in Belgium since returning to the highest level, although Club Brugge is doing (slightly) better in one area


Provisionally second in the league, at least 1/8th final of the Europa League, at least semi-final of the Croky Cup and won three top matches in a row last week. Union just rages on and might do even better this season than last season. Since their return to the highest level in the summer of 2021, the people of Brussels have even left Club Brugge behind as the best team in the country. The statistics prove that. They want to continue that on Wednesday evening against Cercle Brugge (6.30 pm).

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Since the return to the highest level, Union and the G5 clubs – Antwerp, Anderlecht, Club Brugge, Ghent and Genk – have played 60 league games (Genk’s match on Tuesday evening not yet counted). Union achieved no less than 129 points out of 180. That is slightly more than 71 percent. So distinction. In this way, the people of Brussels leave all top clubs behind. Club Brugge is second with 121 points, Anderlecht closes the list of top clubs with 98 points. Small side note: Gent and Genk did not play the Champions’ last season, but the Europe play-offs. So they had a number of ‘easy’ matches more.


Number of points (since the start of the 2021-2022 season)

1. Union: 129 to 180

2. Club Brugge: 121

3. Genk: 114

4. Gent: 108

5. Antwerp: 106

6. Anderlecht: 98

Also in terms of goal difference, Union is the best student in the class since the return to the highest level. The Unionists have already scored 126 goals, which is an average of more than two per game. Nobody does better. Genk is just second with 125 goals. And Union also conceded the fewest goals with 55. Ghent is the surprising second in that ranking.


Number of goals for:

1. Union: 126

2. Genk: 125

3. Club Bruges: 117

4. Anderlecht: 108

5. Gent: 99

6. Antwerp: 93


Number of goals against:

1. Union: 55

2. Gent: 56

3. Club Bruges: 64

4. Antwerp: 70

5. Anderlecht: 72

5. Genk: 72

The most consistent team of the past year and a half? Union too. The one out of nine in last season’s play-offs was their worst streak. That was the only time they lost two league games in a row. All G5 clubs have experienced a crisis at least once. For example, Club Brugge can no longer win five matches in a row.


max. number of games in a row without a win:

1. Union: drie

2. Anderlecht: four

3. Club Brugge: five

3. Antwerp: five

3. RC Genk: five

3. Ghent: five

And finally, also important: the mutual duels between the G5 clubs and Union. Union is also doing very well in this with 38 points out of 69, but it has to give way to Club Brugge. Blauw-zwart gained one point more in the mutual duels. Especially Club’s two victories against Union in the Champions’ play-offs were vital and decided the title. For Anderlecht – which hasn’t won a single top match this season – these figures are painful.

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Number of points in head-to-head matches

1. Club Brugge: 39/69 (57 percent)

2. Union: 38/69 (55 procent)

3. Ghent: 26/54 (48 percent)

4. Antwerp: 32/69 (46 percent)

5. Genk: 23/54 (43 percent)

6. Anderlecht: 19/69 (28 percent)

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