Randy Oveneke deeply disappointed after a heavy defeat at Circus Brussels: “We fell apart like sand”

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In the third quarter, Randy Oveneke (right) saw the match go completely wrong for Brussels. — ©  Kms

During the break, Randy Oveneke still hoped for a Brussels remonte against his former team Antwerp Giants. In the third quarter, the Ternat assistant of head coach Jean-Marc Jaumin saw the game go completely the wrong way.

Wim Redant

Randy Oveneke already felt the storm at halftime at 39-53, but secretly hoped that Brussels would turn the tide under the impulse of the recovered captain Terry Deroover. “Antwerp Giants achieved an amazing score in the first half with sixty percent successful three-pointers. Then you know that it will be difficult, but you also hope that the finishing touches after the break”, says Oveneke. “Deroover celebrated his comeback, but only had one training session. It illustrates the player shortage we are facing. Jaylin Airington is still in the rag basket and we also have to wait for Domagoj Proleta. Despite those extenuating circumstances, I am deeply disappointed with our performance against Antwerp Giants. Both against Limburg and Charleroi we gave a good reply with a good mentality and a great team spirit. After a difficult first quarter, we straightened our backs and anything was possible at half-time.”

Need time

But in the third quarter, Brussels fell completely through the ice with 10-23. “In the third quarter we fell apart like loose sand. Then it is written in the stars that you will be punished by a team with a broad core like Antwerp Giants. Of course, our newcomers still have to take steps. DJ Laster is a player with a great scoring ability, but he was without a club for three months and can hardly disguise that lack of match rhythm. Jordan Skipper-Brown, on the other hand, still needs time to fit into the team and is still having a hard time.”

The question is to what extent the confidence boosted after the victory against Leuven Bears is still intact. “Mentally, the succession of defeats is quite tough. Everyone must continue to believe in it, because we have sufficient qualities. Golden League hopes have vanished. It will soon be a matter of polishing up the damaged coat of arms in the Silver Group. Hopefully we will be fully ready by then, because we are working on a real bad season, with, in addition to the injuries, the unexpected departure of Kevin Tumba to Liège. For Liège, the arrival of an American investor is of course an excellent thing, but it is clear that Brussels itself has to fend for itself.”

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