Frank Vercauteren is a track as technical director at the Belgian football association


At the football association they are not only looking for a new national coach, but also a new technical director because Roberto Martinez combined those two functions. For the latter position, preference is given to a Belgian and the name of Michel Preud’homme (63) is often quoted. Nevertheless, Frank Vercauteren (66) must also be taken into account. It is also a track that can be walked.

Vercauteren has been out of work since he left Antwerp as coach in May 2021. For the time being he lives in Moscow with his Russian wife and daughter, but no one is pinning down on that. Vercauteren would like to stay in football, but the offers he received so far as a coach did not meet his expectations. A job as technical director would not be completely new for Vercauteren, because he already fulfilled that role in 2019 at OH Leuven.

As far as the national coach is concerned, the Taskforce studied the submitted applications in order to arrive at a concise selection. However, it cannot be ruled out that coaches will also be approached who did not apply. In the short term, the Taskforce should meet again to take the next steps. (jug)

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