Dauke Vreys and VC Oudegem have nothing to do with Asterix Avo: “The burden of errors killed us”

Volleyball Liga A women VC Oudegem

Dauke Vreys (on archive image) realizes that VC Oudegem will be approached differently as a leader. “We know we will have to confirm our status on a weekly basis.” — © Gregory Van Gansen


On the final day of the first round of the regular season, VC Oudegem lost heavily against Asterix Avo. Despite this defeat, Oudegem does close the first round as leader, although the players of Fien Callens now have to tolerate national champion VDK Gent next to them.

Dirk Van Bruysel

“Just say that we made a mistake,” emphasizes Fien Callens. “With twelve storage misses and as many offensive errors, we just gave away a set. Congratulations to Asterix Avo, who recovered well from the defeat at VDK Gent last week and then performed very sharply in Europe. They continued that line and immediately grabbed us by the throat. To stay at the top and stay in the top four, they had to win and they did that with brio.”

“We encountered a blockingly strong Asterix Avo, who was also very precise in defense. Service pressure was also particularly high. In the second set, for example, we received no fewer than fourteen serves from Manon Stragier. With us, doubt crept into the group and everyone started fighting against themselves. Despite all the good intentions, the emotion also played a role. It was a tough game as a coach.”


Corner attacker Dauke Vreys was brought between the lines a few times, but this talented attacker was also unable to get the team on track. “Too many mistakes”, the 20-year-old from Mol agrees with her trainer. “When the reception came right, we couldn’t finish it. The big difference was also in the service pressure. If it was nowhere to be found with us, Asterix Avo, on the other hand, unleashed enormous pressure. This was indeed a huge difference from last week when we showed Charleroi all corners of the room. At that time our return was much higher, although that is of course also the merit of Asterix Avo. They played very aggressively.”

“It is a fact that we have to tolerate VDK Gent next to us in the rankings, but we should not be blinded by that. We know that we will have to confirm our status on a weekly basis. Starting next weekend against Fixit Kalmthout. There we have to pick up the thread again. We have learned a lot from this match, so it will undoubtedly be hard work again from Monday and leave nothing to chance, so that we can return from Kalmthout with three points on Saturday.”

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