Brighton coach De Zerbi opens the door in conflict with Trossard: “I have not made any mistakes, but I am willing to listen”

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Brighton coach Roberto De Zerbi has left the door ajar for Leandro Trossard (28). After he was excluded from the selection against Liverpool (3-0 win), De Zerbi makes it appear that the Red Devil can return if he wants to get in line (again). The Daily Mail now knows that Chelsea and Tottenham are interested in the left winger.

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The bridges between Red Devil Leandro Trossard and Brighton, but especially coach Roberto De Zerbi, seemed completely blown up after the statement by Trossard’s agent Josy Comhair. He accused De Zerbi of having whipped up a mishap during training into something big and claimed that De Zerbi has not communicated with Trossard for weeks, but spoke badly about him behind his back. Comhair said Trossard wants to leave.

Trossard had a great season, but has been unsure of his place since the World Cup in Qatar and was left out of the match squad against Liverpool.

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“I want to be clear about Trossard. I’m sorry for the situation that has arisen, but I don’t think I made any mistakes with him. The people at Brighton know very well how things are going,” said De Zerbi.

“I am honest and clear. If I have something to say, I keep it within our family and our family is the locker room. I don’t want to respond to his broker’s communication because I don’t know him. I only know Leo. I am willing to listen to him because it is an important matter.”

“It doesn’t have to be a bad thing in itself, in fact it’s a fantastic situation. If Leandro learns from it, we come out stronger”

Brighton coach Roberto De Zerbi

“It doesn’t have to be a bad thing in itself, in fact it’s a fantastic situation. If he learns from it, we come out stronger. Being open to making progress and working hard is the only way we can realize our dreams. We are Brighton, a mid-level club in the Premier League, so it is crucial that we focus more on the team than ourselves.”

The question is whether Trossard and his entourage still feel like a reconciliation with De Zerbi, especially if Chelsea and Tottenham become really concrete. Trossard still has a contract until June 2024, but feels ready for a step up.

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