Brecht Capon does not want to see a positive mentality lost at KV Oostende: “Otherwise we are a bird for the cat”

Brecht Capon’s substitution also did not help KVO in Mechelen. “It will now be a fight for the points every game, against any opponent. We will need them all in the final reckoning.” — © BELGIUM

For the second time in four league games, Brecht Capon (34) had to come on in minute 46. Because the defense was not good, but also because the veteran can still play a significant role. A great raid on Mechelen did not yield a point. “The situation is not hopeless, but we have to take points,” Capon sighs.

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When the going gets tough, Brecht Capon comes to save the furniture. KV Mechelen ran over KV Oostende and a very weak Medley before the break, so the veteran was allowed to come in for the second half. Also at Westerlo – that infamous 6-0 – Capon was only allowed to show up in minute 46. And as befits an experienced pawn, Capon also dutifully speaks to the press. “It could go either way again this weekend, but we won’t buy anything with that,” said Capon. “When you end up in the last places, it gives you an unpleasant feeling. And that gets worse every time. We’re certainly not a bird for the cat yet, are we? At Mechelen we came out of the dressing room well and we even made the home team doubt. At one point, the fans even murmured there. But if we don’t take our own moments and then swallow an avoidable goal on a stationary phase, it will be very difficult to win a match.

A point on the move would nevertheless have been of gold value for KVO. Zulte Waregem and Kortrijk lost, while Seraing took another point. “But the weather just wasn’t for us. Is it bad luck, or our own qualities? We have to ask ourselves that.” Capon also sees a renewed enthusiasm among its direct competitors at the bottom. Essevee passed Vormer and Brüls and is suddenly in the semi-finals of the Croky Cup. Kortrijk won against Genk and OHL and is working hard on its way up. “They get the team back on track there. That should work for us too, but then we have to win sometimes. Losing every week, then it just becomes very difficult.” And then Capon immediately looks at Wednesday. “Antwerp is coming to visit. Maybe we can pick something up unexpectedly. It will now be a fight for the points every game, against any opponent. We will need them all in the final reckoning. We now need a result that we can build on.”

But Capon isn’t ready to throw in the towel just yet. “It is not hopeless yet. The core values ​​are still there: surrender, mentality, commitment. And there is also a positive atmosphere in the group”, he says. “Group conversations and the like: that is not yet necessary at the moment. Everyone in this group knows that it just has to be better and that we have to stand in front of the mirror. If we can stay positive and give it our all, we can. Otherwise we just become a bird to the cat.”

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