REACTIONS. Dissatisfied faces at Club Brugge: “We lack efficiency”, Vertonghen happy with point “given the game image”

Bart Verbruggen: “Yes, I have a bit of a mixed feeling. I think we keep the 1-1 for the last ten minutes, but that equalizer does not have to fall, but OK, a point is a bonus. On to the next match. We discuss in advance that we have to keep going, compliments to the guys.”

Verbruggen also went a little further into the influence of the current situation on the people of Brussels. “As a team you try to shut yourself off from that, because for us the work is only on the field. We also sometimes read something and sometimes receive something from our family, but we try to put all our focus on the field”, the Anderlecht goalkeeper testifies.

“Satisfied with this performance? I always find that difficult. I’m happy to play every game. You can’t say that things went well against Union, for example, last week. I’m just happy that I can see where I can improve every week. That is the main thing.”

Jan Vertonghen: “When you see the game image, you should be happy with a point. Bruges is also going through a difficult period. Club, on the other hand, played well and we did not. We want to work, but we still give away too many opportunities. Of course the game image, we are still too sloppy and then that goal against is also something tactical that could be solved a little better on the field, although that is also the quality of Bruges at that time ”, was the match analysis of the defender. He also gave his opinion about the situation at the club.


“We always arrive at Neerpede and prepare for the competition. You do get things, of course, that’s normal, but I think we can close ourselves off pretty well. We also have a trainer who comes from outside . That also makes a difference, I think the stability is now there,” explains Vertonghen, who stands up for Wouter Vandenhaute, who stepped aside on Saturday.

“I try to keep myself away from it, I just come here to play football. I am confident that the people who decide on it have the best intentions for Anderlecht. Also Vandenhaute, I already knew him before he worked at Anderlecht. He’s just a super fan. Just like everyone else, he wants Anderlecht to get back to where it should be”, Vertonghen defends Vandenhaute.

Denis Odoi: “Being in a negative flow”

“I think only the three points counted today. I think today we played dominantly, also in the second half. We should have scored a goal in the first. However, we come out of the dressing room well and then you immediately get three chances again and none of them go in. Then you have to work so hard to score that one goal and then you have to be able to hold on to the result, but you know that there will still be opportunities for them,” said Odoi. “But that goal against.. that’s not even a chance. Maybe one of us should get out earlier, maybe me, but then that ball deviates first on me and then on Brandon (Mechele, ed.), just shit. The last games we have been in a negative flow. That we do not finish the chances, the efficiency is lacking, as a group we have to show ourselves more mentally resilient.”

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Hans Vanaken: “Still don’t realize how it ended right here”

“I still don’t realize how it can end here 1-1”, says a disappointed Vanaken. “We created a lot of opportunities, which we have to do more with. If it is 3 to 4-0, there is nothing to say about it in my opinion. I can’t really remember a shot on target from their side. A ball that deviates twice, so that is very sour. On the other hand, the game was good, we have to build on that and in time the luck will turn. Right now we need a good win. Today that could have been done and that would have given a very nice feeling for the coming weeks. Unfortunately not, we just have to see that we bring the same thing on Thursday and score more goals,” said Vanaken.

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