Charleroi takes sixth win in a row against Limburg United

Nathan Kuta remains in the winning mood with Charleroi. — © Rudy DECLERCK

Without Jonas Delalieux (calf), Limburg United went under in Charleroi after a good first half. A disappointing second half ensured that reaching the Elite Gold will be very exciting. In the mutual duels, Limburg is positive compared to Charleroi. For the Spirous it is no less than the sixth victory in a row. With 10 out of 14, the team from Henegouwen is in first place.

Guy Volders, Patrick Ceulemans

Limburg United started the game uninhibited: after a 1-4 opener, it steamed through to a 4-12 score via two bombs from Maxime De Zeeuw. Clifford Hammonds and Alex Stein widened the gap to 10-19 after the first quarter. Loss of concentration made coach Raymond Westphalen quickly reach for a timeout at 16-19. The home team leveled through Jhivvan Jackson (21-21), but Toon Ceyssens and the returning Anthony Lambot gave Limburg United some breathing space: 21-26. A fierce home team kept pushing (35-35), but thanks to a secure Alex Stein, Limburg again ran out before the break: 37-44.

United started the second half hesitantly (46-46), but Charleroi also just failed to take the lead in the third quarter. Desiron made it 53-58, but Jhivvan Jackson tied the score again on the buzzer: 58-58. Slowly but surely, Limburg cracked under the pressure of Charleroi. BinePrepelic and Alex Libert tied the Carolos 68-63. Clifford Hammonds softened to 68-66 but Alex Stein and Toon Ceyssens went to the bench with 5 errors. United’s attacking machine faltered. Loss of possession allowed Charleroi to run out to 77-68 (38′). Leander Dedro recorded the final score with a bomb on the buzzer.

Charleroi-Limburg United 80-75

Quartz 10-19, 27-25 , 21-14, 22-17.

Charleroi: Libert 10, M. Samardzic 9, Prepelic 18, Makwa 0, Kuta 9, Jackson 19, Adzeh 0, Fogang 4, Lisboa 5, Osaghae 6

Limburg United: Dedrie 3, Desiron 15, De Zeeuw 12, Hammonds 8, Stein 9, Dammen 0, Ceyssens 12, Lesuisse 2, Lambot 6, Cale 8

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