Sint-Truiden records an easy away win at Eupen and settles into the top eight

Sint-Truiden records an easy away win at Eupen and settles into the top eight

Despite outgoing transfers, STVV continues to win away from home. In the Kehrwegstadion, the cape of thirty points was already reached by the Canaries. Under the impulse of Aboubakary Koita, Sint-Truiden scored twice in the east of the country. The men of Hollerbach continue to participate nicely in the first column with their tight core.

Finally again Aboubakary Koita kicking off at STVV. The sharp Canary came up on the left flank to provide enough attacking momentum in the game of Bernd Hollerbach’s team. Olivier Dumont also got a new chance, after he had to go after one minute in the cup.

Dumont had a foot in STVV’s first attack. Bruno brought in, but Hayashi was too far away in the box. Christie-Davies answered with danger from Eupen’s left. At the same time, Leistner had difficulty guarding Prevljak. Bauer also had to stand his ground defensively. Fortunately for Sint-Truiden, the crosses of the Pandas did not immediately fall well in the vicinity of Schmidt.


The best action in the first part of the game came from Koita. In his typical style, he slalomed past three home players, then hit hard with his right. The slider whizzed right next to it. Bruno also got his first chance after a steal from Hayashi. More dangerous was the jab of the inevitable N’Dri. It bounced over Schmidt’s frame. Hayashi then stuck his nose to the window near Moser. Nice teamwork with Janssens had no effect.

Hashioka aimed another opportunity too central. The key question: who fought for the first lead between a series of sloppiness on a wet field? The answer came instantly. Again Koita was at the base with an action. Bruno’s deviation with the heel was phenomenal: already the ninth goal of the Truiense striker in competition: 0-1, halfway through the game.

Sint-Truiden records an easy away win at Eupen and settles into the top eight


No European creativity

The order from the Pandas after the camp change was clear and so Christie-Davis immediately pressed the accelerator. The first bang after the break went over Schmidt’s cage. Yet Eupen lacked real ceativity. Edward Still also had that in mind. The Eupen coach came on the hour mark with a triple substitution.

The second half was almost halfway before STVV came up again. Again via Koita. He quickly outwitted his opponent again. In the end, the discard was for Hayashi. The Japanese got a scoring opportunity, but the attempt was blocked. Another Truiense goal on the corner that followed. Koita aimed at the near post where Leistner forced opponent Davidson to an own goal: 0-2.

No one believed in a resurrection of the home team. Stef Peeters couldn’t get things going at Eupen. Not even on a stationary phase, because then Schmidt was always attentive. Dumont missed the chance at 0-3, Bruno also came alone for Moser, without success. Another victory for STVV.

Sint-Truiden records an easy away win at Eupen and settles into the top eight


EUPEN: Moser, Van Genechten, Lambert, Paeshuyse, Davidson, Magnée, Christie-Davis, N’Dri, Peeters, Charles-Cook, Prevljak.

STVV: Schmidt – Janssens, Leistner, Bauer – Hashioka, Boya, Dumont, Koita – Okazaki, Bruno, Hayashi.

Replacements: 60′ Prevljak by Bitumazala, 60′ Christie-Davis by Nuhu, 60′ Van Genechten by Diakite, 82′ Davidson by Déom, 82′ Charles-Cook by Alloh, 86′ Bruno by Kaya, 90′ Hayashi by Van Dessel

goals: 44’ Bruno 0-1, 68’Davidson (owngoal) 0-2

Yellow cards: Leistner (fault), Peeters (protest)

Referee: Visser

Spectators: 2.000

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