Red Devil Thomas Meunier will arrange his own affairs from now on: “I know all the top people in football, so…”

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Thomas Meunier is not immediately planning to leave Borussia Dortmund. But if it does come to a transfer, the Red Devil will arrange it himself.

Vincent Van Genechten

The 31-year-old Meunier is in his third season at the German top club, which took him over from PSG. He is a regular, but has only played fourteen times this season due to a fractured jawbone. Meunier was briefly linked to FC Barcelona, ​​just like Yannick Carrasco, by the way, but it never came to a transfer.

The Red Devil’s contract expires in mid-2024, so within a season and a half. So Meunier thinks about his future and he prefers to determine it himself. So he no longer has a manager.


“It is true that I now represent myself,” said Meunier at SPORT1. “I don’t think that’s unusual. I have been in the football world for a long time and after all these years I know the top people of all the big clubs. I have all those contacts. If at some point I need a new challenge, I can call the clubs myself and sort it all out.”

But for now it is already Dortmund that counts. “I still have a contract here, with a big team with which I still have plans,” said Meunier, who will be sidelined for a while with a muscle tear in the calf.

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