Fourth consecutive win for Telenet Giants Antwerp


After a weak opening quarter by the Sinjoren, the regional derby between Telenet Giants Antwerp and Kangoeroes Mechelen brought an even more convincing victory against the Maneblussers. The Giants are now in the top-3 with 7 out of 11. For Kangoeroes Mechelen (8 out of 12) it is also the fourth defeat of the season. The people of Mechelen, who won the first leg with 99-77, are positive about the Sinjoren. “After a weak start, we reacted brilliantly. Now we mainly have to confirm on Sunday in Brussels,” said Giants coach Ivica Skelin.

Patrick Ceulemans

Kangoeroes Mechelen got off to a flying start in a well-filled Lotto Arena. After a 5-4 deficit, it went through Mattias Palinckx in particular to a 3-10 bonus for the Maneblussers. The Giants trailed, Brian Fobbs and DeAndre Davis guided the Kangaroos against a poor finishing and faded Antwerp Giants to a 13-21 and 16-32 bonus after the first quarter.

“Defensively, things were not going well and we were not on the agenda offensively either,” said assistant coach Guy Muya of Telenet Giants Antwerp. In the second slide, the Giants were less nervous and that resulted in an Antwerp remonte. Jean-Marc Mwema dropped bombs, Thijs De Ridder contributed and with an energetic Spencer Butterfield it went after 20-32 to a 25-26 and 34-42 score. Kangoeroes Mechelen didn’t do much in that second slide, barely scored 15 points and was only able to get a 40-47 bonus halfway through with a three-pointer from Domien Loubry.

The break did not help the troops of coach Kristof Michiels. Kangaroos Mechelen was a shadow of itself and the Giants delivered a scorching defense. Mechelen ball losses and dominance in the rebound for the team from Antwerp, with a wonderful momentum from Quentin Smout and after a 50-52 score, resulted in a 64-58 Antwerp bonus. No reaction from the Maneblussers in the lock slide either. “We didn’t find an answer and they scored with bombs,” Mattias Palinckx complained. Kangaroos Mechelen only scored 43 points in the last three quarters. Too little to threaten Telenet Giants Antwerp. Spencer Butterfield, Jean-Marc Mwema and debutant Ivan Marinkovic (10 points, 5 rebounds) were the driving force behind the 75-63 bonus. No comeback from Kangaroos in the last minutes either. Telenet Giants Antwerp went on to a swinging 84-75 victory. “It clicks and we need to build on that,” said a beaming Spencer Butterfield. At Kangaroos Mechelen no Jonas Foerts (buttock).

Telenet Giants Antwerp-Kangaroo Mechelen 84-75

Quartz: 16-32, 24-15, 24-11, 20-17

Telenet Giants Antwerp: Bradford 5, Smout 6, Anderson 5, D’Espallier 0, De Ridder 9, Marinkovic 10, Rogiers 8, Butterfield 13, Mwema 16, Upshaw 6

Kangaroos Mechelen: Davis 7, Loubry 13, Mukubu 4, Van Buggenhout 5, Mennes 4, Fobbs 22, Palinckx 12, Thomas 0, Aririguzoh 8

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