The FIFA president was not allowed to be pictured during the World Cup: TV people had to adhere to these rules

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During the World Cup, FIFA imposed specific rules on the portrayal of President Gianni Infantino. This is reported by the British newspaper The Times.

Vincent Van GenechtenBron: The Times

Infantino made it a point to be at least equally present at all 64 World Cup matches in Qatar. He succeeded. To portray all this nicely, television crews received various guidelines from HBS. That is the Host Broadcast Service that FIFA uses to broadcast World Cup matches.

The following three basic rules were observed:

– Infantino had to be pictured at least once during a match he attended. That would eventually happen 64 times.

– No images were allowed to be taken when Infantino was on his smartphone.

– When Infantino sat next to a high-ranking Qatari, no images could be taken from below the knee. Due to cultural sensitivities.

According to The Times, these rules were violated at least once, after which the responsible director would have been reprimanded.

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