Spirou Charleroi beat reigning champion Ostend a second year and strengthens its leading position

Haris Brantanovic defends Nathan Kuta — ©  Rudy DECLERCK

Charleroi won a solid classic against Ostend for the second time this season. At sea, the Spirous were victorious 88-101. The coastal team was weighed down by a very heavy burden of errors. The refs Van den Broeck, Gilklis and Mylle blew 59 fouls, including three technical ones against Oostende.

Peter Rossel

Seven points of Kuta fueled Carolingian production. Gillet had an equal share in the 17-14 score after six minutes. With his two first points, Tyree increased the difference to 21-16. But Jackson rounded off a 0-10 answer: 21-26 Fogang three-pointed to 22-29, . Once again, the people of Ostend, who nevertheless brought down the majority of the rebounds but also allowed themselves to be stolen from the ball five times, swallowed a lot of points in the initial quarter.

Early in the second part of the match, the three-pointer Libert crossed the ten-point mark: 22-32. Charleroi could not maintain that lead. Bombs from the quiet Thurman and from warrior Troisfontaines and a few nice baskets from Buysse brought Ostend 39-33 ahead in the sixteenth minute. Beyond the three-point line, Tyree recorded the 46-43 halftime score.

Shortly after the break, Lisboa bombarded both teams at the same level: 48-48. Barcello and Buysschaert soon heard their third and fourth foul respectively. A little later, Bratanovic swallowed an unsportsmanlike foul, also his third of the evening. Charleroi gladly took over the lead (56-59). At the start of a time-out, ref Van den Broeck smeared a technical foul on the birthday boy Tyree, also his third dash of the evening. A little later, ref Gillis blew a technical foul against coach Gjergja. The visitors extended their lead to 67-73 through Jackson. After a fourth error by Bratanovic, Osaghae took care of the 68-76 score at the half hour with an “and one”.

At 72-76 Buysschaert had to go to the bench with five errors. Lisboa continued to find its way to the hive from several distances. At 76-85, with 4’41” left on the clock, coach Gjergja called his team to the sidelines. Barcello heard his fifth error at 81-89. Ref Van den Broeck also fouled Bleijenbergh. The whistle festival ended with the fifth foul for Bratanovic. At Charleroi, Jackson (28 points, 3 rebounds and 3 assists) and Lisboa (22 points, 4 rebounds and 5 assists) were the stars. The Carolingian bench delivered 63 of the 101 points.

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