KV Kortrijk coach Bernd Storck is still counting on reinforcements in midfield: “We still need a real six”


The transfer market is still open for more than two weeks. Clubs, especially those at the bottom of the leaderboard, continue to look for reinforcements. Bernd Storck (59) hopes to welcome some new names to KV Kortrijk. “Maybe it will be a player I know.”

Elian Coussement

KV Kortrijk will go to the field of KAA Gent on Sunday afternoon to digest last week’s cup elimination. The Buffalos also do not convert further to the semi-finals. It lost with a heavy 4-0 against Union. “I watched their match closely,” Storck begins. “Union was a size too big for them, but Ghent could also score a goal. I expect a response from them. On Sunday they will play frustrated and eager for a win. I expect a physical game on a good field. Too bad our terrain is getting worse again. I noticed that against KV Mechelen. That is not a good sign, but the elimination is not due to that. We deserved it just as hard as KV Mechelen to go to that next round. If you see that they now play against Zulte Waregem in the semi-finals, then something was certainly possible for us. Now, we don’t have to dwell on that anymore. We focus on Ghent and on the rest of the competition.”

Dessoleil, Vandendriessche and Ilic

At the beginning of the Storck era at KV Kortrijk, Benchaib, De Bruyn and Radovanovic flew mercilessly to the B-squad. Now Kevin Vandendriessche (33) and Dorian Dessoleil (30) no longer have to count on playing minutes under the German T1. “This is 100 percent my decision,” said Storck. “It was hard for Dorian, but I have to be honest with him and everyone in the team. His data was not good for a player of his level. Yesterday I broke the news to Kevin, he can look for a new club. I also explained to Ilic that Vandenberghe got three matches to further prove himself in goal. Ilic apparently does not understand this and is now pushing for a transfer. It’s a shame, because we don’t want to lose him. This is football, after all.”


New midfielder

Not only outgoing news can be gathered at KVK. Storck still wants to do a few things on the incoming front. A new six is ​​desperately needed in the battle for conservation. “We really need a six. Loncar is a six and a half for me, Keita is an eight just like Tanaka. Maybe it will be a player I already know who will become our new six or maybe a Belgian up and coming talent like Wasinski. I also heard that Vormer was briefly mentioned here before he moved to Zulte Waregem, but that didn’t fit in my system. He’s an excellent footballer, but I wouldn’t know what to do with him. I’m not going to change my whole system for one player.”

Goodbye D’Haene

Captain Kristof D’Haene dropped a small bomb on Thursday by announcing that he will stop after the season due to persistent injuries. “I am sorry for a player like Kristof. It’s not easy to talk to him now. I understand him. Normally he will soon be able to train with the group again, but he needs an injection every time and that is not good. We’ll see how it goes for him.”

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